December 21, 2022SEGA has released a video interview with Hideo Nakano on YouTube. In Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Hideo Nakano plays the role of Takechi Hanpeita, Ryoma’s sworn brother and the leader of a revolutionary group (Like a Dragon: Ishin! is scheduled to release on 2/22/2023 (Wed) on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam).






Video Interview with Hideo Nakano Released

In the interview, Hideo Nakano talks about the excitement behind diving into his role, his thoughts, and motivations as the new voice actor for Takechi Hanpeita, and much more. Check out the video for an exclusive inside scoop!



Takechi Hanpeita, played by Hideo Nakano
Leader of the revolutionaries and Ryoma’s sworn brother
Founder of the Tosa Loyalist Party
Takechi Hanpeita Voiced by Hideo Nakano


Takechi was born into the same situation as his sworn brother, Ryoma, who he has protected since they were young. The two were discovered by Yoshida Toyo, the most influential man in Tosa, and raised under his wing. His skill with the sword is on par with Ryoma, who is famed to be the strongest in Tosa. Many members of the Tosa Loyalist Party joined because they admire Takechi.



Takechi and Ryoma trust each other deeply. When Ryoma returns from Edo, Takechi invites him to the Tosa Loyalist Party and entrusts him with the position of “Party Representative”, second-in-command of the party. However, the two go their separate ways due to the death of their foster father, Yoshida Toyo.



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