A Boundless Action-Adventure Game in New Frontiers


December 22, 2022 – SEGA is pleased to offer the free Holiday Cheer Suit DLC for the immensely popular Sonic Frontiers (available now on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam). Not only that, but the latest video in our Sonic Frontiers “Speed Strats” series has just dropped!


Download the Free “Holiday Cheer Suit” DLC Now!


The Holiday Cheer Suit is now available as a free DLC. Zoom around the Starfall Islands in holiday style!



How to Obtain

After installing the latest update for Sonic Frontiers, redeem the content from the “Extras” menu.



New Video: “Speed Strats #3” Released

Get a glimpse of Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay footage in our latest YouTube video “Speed Strats #3”!



Save on Sonic Frontiers in the SEGA Winter Sale 2022!



The SEGA Winter Sale 2022 is now underway on the PlayStation™ Store. For a limited time only, score amazing deals on select titles for PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4. Among these, Sonic Frontiers is going on sale for the first time! Don’t miss your chance to get 30% off on the next generation of Sonic the Hedgehog!





Don’t forget that they also have a STEAM® SEGA Winter Sale! You can buy Sonic Frontiers on the Steam Philippine store for only P1,396.50!


Hurry up as both SEGA winter sales on the Steam and the PlayStation™ Store are only until January 6, 2023!



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