Screenshot of the Day

In screenshot of the day, I’ll be sharing a screen capture of some of the things that is memorable to me– both as an anime fan and as a gamer. The screen captures can be either a shot from an anime episode or from a game that I’ve been playing; either from Japanese games to western games.

Today’s screenshot will be from a game that I’ve completed over and over– Mass Effect 2. In this screenshot, my character has arrived in the Collector’s base past the Omega 4 relay. Upon which you are engaged almost immediately by collector Oculus’– which are the base guards. I’ve started engaging an Oculus that went in the cargo hold of the Normandy.

Mass Effect 2: Going against an Oculus

I remember playing this scene for the first time. My pulse was racing, as I didn’t know what enemy type was this, and how to fight it. The danger was doubly so– I was using an Infiltrator-class character, so my Shields/Armor/HP weren’t exactly tough. I had to tough this one out; and re-did this level at about three to four times.

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