Persona 3 Reload Launch Event – Burn Dread at High Grounds

Written by TheMartinV

3 February 2024

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The Philippines had a Persona 3 Reload Launch Event at the High Grounds Cafe in Quezon City on February 2, 2024 to celebrate the game’s release.


Persona-3-Reload-Launch-Event- Burn-Dread-at-High Grounds-1

Persona-3-Reload-Launch-Event- Burn-Dread-at-High Grounds-2

When you enter the venue, you would be greeted by the Persona 3 Reload character portraits. I totally fanboy’d when i saw these images.




You will be greeted by character stands of the S.E.E.S. members around the room. The sound speakers inside the event were pumping the Persona 3 Reload OST.



We got a couple of free items in the event. The first item was the S.E.E.S. armband and a free P3R tote bag upon the completion of the post-event survey.




The event had two emcees dressed up at Mitsuru Kirijo (Een) and Yukari Takeba (Kang Dupet) from the game.The two ladies really were on point with their Persona 3 Reload costumes if I may add.




Activities inside the cafe





The activities within the event was to play Persona 3 Reload on the PC, take pics on the picture wall, and a free blue drink. The main activities on stage were the trivia/quiz and the ‘time attack’ segment.





My favorite part of the event was the ‘time attack’ segment. Four competitors (including one of the hosts, Myrtle Sarrosa) tried to beat a certain boss at the fastest time.





I believe Hawaiian shirt man clocked in at 3 minutes and 50 seconds to win. He was gracious enough to share his prize with the other two contestants. The prize were acrylic standees of the main characters of P3 Reload (Makoto, Yukari, and Junpei).


Persona-3-Reload-Launch-Event- Burn-Dread-at-High Grounds-11





Everyone had a blast  at the Persona 3 Reload Launch Event. I want to thank SEGA Asia and Atlus SEA for inviting us to this exclusive launch party. Our website hopes that SEGA and Atlus will try to make similar events in the future. I’m sure the Persona fan community in the Philippines would love to have more of these.



If you want to learn more about the game, check out our review in this website.





Persona 3 Reload is now available on SteamPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.









Sakura Index is holding a contest for Persona 3 Reload Steam Codes. Go to this link to join and win!!






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