The ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023 happened on Saturday, September 9, 2023, and it was one for the books. Coming from the SMX Aura Convention Center, Genshin Impact fans were treated to the breath taking tournament and also a cosplay competition.


ROG-Phone-7-Philippines-Championship-2023-Finals-asusLaptops at the ASUS booth



ROG-Phone-7-Philippines-Championship-2023-Finals-aezerMerch at the Aezer Booth



Apart from the main championship, the event had some booths such as the ASUS ROG booth and Aezer.








They also had a cosplay competition which fielded Genshin Impact cosplayers competing for cash prizes.






The top three winners can be seen from the picture below. Congratulations to the winners that made quite an impact that day.





The tournament itself had the finalists use the ASUS ROG Phone 7 and a super account from Hoyoverse. All characters they chose from the super account were C6 and with maximum stats plus artifacts and weapons.






The six teams competed to get the highest score within ten minutes of defeating various bosses in the map.







The three teams that faced in the finals were Team Paimon Sandwich (won a tiebreaker vs. Eclipse), Tabibito Sans and Team OHMY. The three teams would return to the Azdaha boss they faced in the qualifiers to get the fastest time.




Team OHMY aced the standings by being a second faster than team Paimon Sandwich. They got the first place and the gnosis to be the winner of the ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023.




As a Genshin Impact fan, this event was truly special. I never imagined my favorite game would get an esports type tournament, but here we are today!





I would like to congratulate the winning team and the other finalists for giving their best in this Genshin Impact tournament.


Special thanks to ASUS ROG and Dark League Studios for the invite.



Event Photos by: Linus Joshua Santos

Live Video Screenshots from: Dark League Studios FB Page



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