Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
This year, me and my girlfriend decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently from the rest of the country– we decided to try and follow the Japanese tradition of Valentine’s Day, and follow through with White Day.
So with that we went first to Figaro in SM Megamall and ate our lunch there. We had a blast talking about whatnots and randomness, as well as the awesomeness of this otaku’s room (in which we planned to have our own in the future, OH YEAH!).
Food in Figaro, SM Megamall
After which we went over to Cacao, and she selected a chocolate that she wished to give to me. I did my best not to look into what she bought not until I went back at the office. 😀
What's inside the bag.
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting for us to celebrate Valentine’s Day like this, since we usually celebrate it on other days than this (you know, to avoid the crowds and such), and as we are to celebrate something even bigger later this month (5th anniv. HAHA). So what made the sudden decision?
Well with this post from Danny Choo gave us the idea (we saw this after reading the otaku room article). Beside the fact that the EVA girl’s chocolates and the delicious nomnoms presented in the article, we felt it at best to try and celebrate a little of this day. Well, at least, differently.
Chokotto Sister10

Well, not THAT choco.

Well, I got one whole month to prepare for White Day, as well as two months for Orange Day (or Black Day for Koreans).
So, what did you receive for Valentine’s?



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