[Wallpaper Download] Mirai Suenaga

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Okay this will be my first try after a long time in making a wallpaper, and I do hope it’s good XD

I used the images/PSD file provided for in Danny’s post on Tasuku Iizuki Sensei’s illustrations of Mirai Suenaga.

Anyway, here it is:

mirai-character-status-1366x768-wallpaperClick on image for full view

This is how I imagine Mirai Suenaga if Mirai Millenium becomes a game. A simple interface would be good and smooth.

I used an old gradient/pattern vector for the background.

For the stats, I imagined her as a very agile fighter when equipped with her battle suit, and her delicate body can dish out attacks really fast. And I also think she can dual wield weapons as needed. So here I applied a bit of stats for her character, and placed a bit of description under each. I have no idea how to describe the other stats though (since we don’t know yet what the rules of Mirai’s universe is), so I just put in there what I think could fit in there. XD

Here’s the mobile version, optimized for Android 😛 (720×1280):

mirai-character-status-mob-720x1280Click for a fill view of the image

Anyway, I hope you like it! I’ll try uploading these to my Deviant Art account later (I’m still at work omg).

Update: Also posted on the Community Page of DannyChoo.

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