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A typical anime blogger, with perfectly healthy hobbies related to anime, manga, and games. Loves browsing imageboards for fanart and the like. A frustrated figure collector. Will work for anyone who can donate an Araragi Koyomi figma, and every new Nendoroid that will come out in the future.

4 Comments to Anime Folder Icons Winter 2016 Free Download

  1. hi.thank you for the beautiful work you do.
    i have been wandering why is the full pack which as written contains the previous seasons packs as well as this one 85 MB but when you go to the page of another season you find something bigger than 100 MB.

    1. Hi! Apologies for the late reply.

      We have removed some icons from the full pack (icons that do not have their title logos as icons), that’s why the current full pack has a smaller filesize than the previous ones.

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