Steins;Gate Ep05

Written by Crosse

17 May 2011






This episode we find our team discovering and proving that SERN was experimenting with time-travel. With a lot of human fatalities.


Okarin and company hack into SERN servers after acquiring and adjusting the IBN machine. The IBN was able to decipher the data that was stored on the SERN servers. With the data deciphered, they uncovered the truth: SERN was experimenting with time-travel, and that they are already at the stage where they are already sending live humans into the system. ALL 14 instances have failed, resulting into the human turning into jelly and being found in the past.

Human is dead. Type mismatch.

Undaunted by the failures, SERN still continues the experiments. Which makes me doubt how they have advanced to that stage despite their failures (there was an animal experimentation stage before the human stage. I wonder how and why they passed that stage).

After which Okarin declares his intention to complete and create the first time-travel machine, ahead of SERN.


Eh? o_O


Now we can see this in action.


Wohohohoh she really looks good in that.




Card battle? What kind of game are they playing?


We finally find out what he wants to do.



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