ZUMBA® Burn It Up! 新價格版 Lets You Get Fit Any Time, Any Place! Here are Some of Our Recommended Tracks!

Written by TheMartinV

5 February 2023

February 3, 2023ZUMBA® Burn It Up! 新價格版, out now for the Nintendo Switch™, includes over 30 hits and original tracks. SEGA has shared some tracks recommended for beginners




Zumba® is a global fitness program created from a fusion of fitness, entertainment, culture, and many other elements. In Zumba® Burn It Up!, up to four players can enjoy Zumba in three different game modes.




Exercise to the likes of world-famous DJ Steve Aoki, reggaeton pioneer Daddy Yankee, Play-NSkillz, Elvis Crespo, and more!


If you are new to Zumba®, or you’re stuck on what track to pick, here are some suggestions. The tempo and moves of these tracks make them easier to dance to.


Dust Dance




Not only is the tempo easy to pick up and no difficult moves either, making this an easier track for newcomers to Zumba® or to less experienced dancers. It’s a default when playing Long Class, so we recommend starting with this track








This is another track included in Long Classes. Get your hands moving while shaking your body from side to side to this upbeat, cheerful song.








The slow beat and lack of complicated choreography make this an easy-to-follow track. The tempo is a little unusual, but the dynamic hand movements make the dancing very fun



Level Up





This song has a nice beat that’s a thrill to dance to. Because there is a lot of repetition in the choreography, you’ll have this mastered in no time



Hey Alicia





Set seamlessly to the tune of “Fur Elise”, “Hey Alicia” gets you lifting your thighs up and twisting your body to give you a full workout. This track helps you get used to typical Zumba® moves.








A world-famous number. There are some difficult moves during the chorus, but these are balanced out, and overall, this track is fun to dance to. We recommend this as an enjoyable track for beginners and seasoned dancers alike



Be As One




This song comes at the end of a Long Class, and it’s great for cooling down. There are moves that loosen the hands and feet, so it’s perfect to start and end your workout.



I Like It





You might get lost in the fast pace, but the choreography itself is not too hard. This is a track that is easy to get into and move your whole body to.



La Cinta Roja





At just two and a half minutes, this is a short track that you don’t need to commit to. Although the choreography is simple overall, there are also some precise moves, so be sure to get every inch of yourself moving! The chorus is a little difficult, so try it a few times until you get the hang of it



Everybody Muevelo





This song is distinct for its comical, sharp movements. You might struggle with the parts where you have to move from right to left to match your hand movements. Once you learn to move your upper body and lower body in time with the rhythm, you’ll be able to pull off more difficult moves



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