Warhammer III Shadows

February 23, 2024 – New gameplay additions are coming to the Shadows of Change DLC as part of Creative Assembly’s commitment to enhance content for Total War: WARHAMMER III. Available now, this content includes 12 new units spread amongst the armies of Kislev, Grand Cathay and Tzeentch, deadly magic in the form of the Lore of the Hag, and a unique war mount for Tzarina Katarin that will be free to all owners of the base game.

Watch the new gameplay video for Shadows of Change here:



Slice, Smash and Sunder Enemies With 12 New Units:




Warhammer III Shadows


● Frost Wyrm: A huge flightless beast, deadly in combat with its massive, fanged jaws, scything claws and a vicious lashing tail. It acts as both an individual unit, or a mount for Katarin and the Ice Witches of Kislev.

● Druzhina: A stoic Lord focused on supporting missile units with abilities that improve unit statistics, whilst also replenishing ammo. When his long-range tactics falter, he charges into combat with his deadly armour-piercing great axe.

● The Golden Knight: A heavily armoured hero with a focus on protecting friendly characters and buffing the resolve of comrades. Wearing a full suit of armour and wielding the powerful magical sword, Urson’s Claw, she is a bulwark which many foes will have difficulty defeating.

● Kislevite Warriors: The unsung heroes of the Motherland’s war efforts, Kislevite Warriors are a useful low-cost addition to any army. They forego the tax of being a hybrid unit, allowing them to field more warriors, thus making them an effective frontline shield.


Grand Cathay:


Warhammer III Shadows


● Gate Master of the Celestial Cities: A defensive line-holding hero with hybrid weaponry, The Gate Master primary intent is to buff the defences of nearby units whilst shooting enemies with his crossbow from behind the main battle line.

● Saytang the Watcher: A giant-sized Legendary Hero, Saytang uses its colossal magical bow to fire artillery-grade projectiles into enemy lines causing huge damage. Once ammunition is depleted, it jumps vast distances into enemy lines to engage in devastating close combat.

● Great Moon Bird: A fearsome fighter in the air and on the ground, the Great Moon Bird can create a vortex of Moon Fire by flapping its wings, damaging enemies in its radius. It acts as a mount for the Astromancer, granting them greater mobility to rain spells atop the enemy.

● Celestial Lion: Deadly utility, the Celestial Lion has exceptional ground mobility and can fly, making it perfect for harassing tactics or flanking. It’s Fearsome Roar ability and Terror attribute strike fear into the hearts of nearby enemies, reducing morale. This beatific beast is also a mount for the Celestial General.





● Chaos Lord of Tzeentch: The most otherworldly of Chaos Champions, the Chaos Lord of Tzeentch is built for one thing: to end the biggest foes the WARHAMMER world has to offer. His ‘Change Or Die’ ability improves the leadership and damage resistance of nearby foes.

● Exalted Hero of Tzeentch: This hulking three-headed monstrosity is a melee specialist, using his magical attacks and high weapon strength to get into the thick of the action. He is adept at taking a charge with Expert Change Defence and Charge Reflection passive abilities.

● Centigors of Tzeentch: An abominable mixture of monsters, Centigors of Tzeentch are fast and hard-hitting cavalry that carry mighty armour piercing weaponry. Imbued with the ‘Mark of Tzeentch’ which grants them magical attacks and a defensive barrier.

● Changebringers: The ultimate expression of the chaotic nature of Tzeentch, Changebringers provide unmatched manoeuvrability with devastating Chaos firepower. Their attacks are imbued with Armour Piercing, Flaming Attacks and Warpflame, rendering foes into a writing puddle of flesh.


Deadly New Magic From the Grandmothers of Kislev:


Available to both Mother Ostankya and the Hag Witches of Kislev, The Lore of the Hag features six new spells and a new lore attribute. Primarily focused on disrupting and hexing enemy units, it comes with a twist, as overcasting these spells unlocks augments that can be used to bolster troops. This compliments Mother Ostankya’s campaign mechanics of curses and blessings to provide more ways to play with this unique character in battle.

These wrathful spells include Witchbrew which summons a Hag’s cauldron, erupting in a bubbling crescendo, and splashing its contents – and the Motherland’s boundless wrath – all over her hopeless enemies. Vengeance of Spirits, in which a malevolent spirit is channelled into an enemy’s soul to saturate their being and gradually tear them to bloody, miniscule shreds from the inside out.


Cruise Into Battle Atop a Deadly War Sled:


Free to all owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III is the unique Ice Court Sled mount for Tzarina Katarin of Kislev. It provides the fastest way for the Tzarina to traverse the battlefields of the WARHAMMER world, ploughing through rows of infantry with ease whilst two members of her elite Ice Guard pick at the enemy with their magically imbued bows.

For more information regarding the content additions to Total War: WARHAMMER III’s Shadow of Change, please visit the Total War blog where you can find deep dives on information regarding Grand Cathay, Kislev and Tzeentch.




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