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Witch & Lilies is an upcoming dungeon crawler for Steam based on the theme of “romance between girls,” being developed by the up-and-coming game company Stromatosoft in collaboration with Bandai Namco Music Live. It has been announced that the theme song of Witch & Lilies, titled “Dog-ear,” will be sung by Marina Horiuchi.

This song will be available for streaming on subscription services from April 3, 2024, prior to the game’s release.


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△ Digital album art for “Dog-ear”
©Stromatosoft/Bandai Namco Music Live


Comment from Marina Horiuchi:


“I am truly honored to be entrusted with the theme song of Witch & Lilies. I cannot wait to see what sort of story will unfold as an adventurer nurturing the bonds between these girls!”

A special program introducing Witch & Lilies, which will be showcased at the Bandai Namco Group booth during Anime Japan 2024 from March 23 to March 24, was live streamed on March 13 at 20:00 (JST).

The program featured Marina Horiuchi as the MC, with guests such as Shunsuke Fujita, the game’s producer, and Kurone Yousagi, a member of the new VTuber space MEWLIVE, which aims to create a world where performers can freely express themselves beyond the boundaries of real and virtual. The game and theme song will be introduced in detail, so please tune in.


■ About Witch & Lilies


Witch & Lilies is a 3D dungeon crawler with the theme of “romance between girls.” Players form a party of five girls from 10 different job classes as they navigate dungeons to unravel the mysteries of the witch who created the world. While it maintains a classic dungeon crawler format, it also allows one to savor various types of romantic relationships between girls.

This game conducted crowdfunding in September 2022, attracting significant attention among gamers and surpassing its funding goal by over 2100%. It is slated for release in early 2024.

Check out the latest PV here!



Witch & Lilies Steam page


■ Music production by the anime song label Lantis!

An unconventional collaboration between the up-and-coming game company Stromatosoft and the established anime song label Lantis! They have enlisted the sound production unit AstroNoteS, who are known for their contributions to The Idolm@ster Million Live! and the TV anime Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, to create a soundtrack that will enhance the girls’ romance and the dungeon crawling elements.



Witch & Lilies
Original work: Stromatosoft
Planning/Production: Stromatosoft/Bandai Namco Music Live
Character Designer: magodesu
Story: Makoto Kedouin
Planning/Production Collaboration: Yoshinori Yamagishi (Another Entertainment)
Music: AstroNoteS
Music Production: Lantis
Special Thanks: Crowdfunding Campaign Participants
Development: Tasto Alpha
Produced by Stromatosoft


■ About Marina Horiuchi


Born in Tokyo on April 29
Affiliated with Apollo Bay

Marina Horiuchi won the Ciao Girl Audition 2007 and worked as a model for Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine. From 2010, she joined the growth-limited unit “Sakura Gakuin” and eventually made her solo debut in 2021. In recent years, she has been active as a voice actress, participating in the chorus unit “Healer Girls” and voicing roles such as Reimi Itsushiro in the TV anime Healer Girl. On stage, she has consecutively played leading roles, including Narumi Momose in Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, Rurika Tsubaki in School Idol Musical (Love Live! School Idol Project Series), and Mari Tamaki in A Place Further than the Universe.

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MEWLIVE is a new space where VTubers serve as a bridge between our world and virtual space. Our goal is to create a world where performers can freely express themselves beyond the boundaries of real and virtual.

MEWLIVE CEO X (former Twitter)
MEWLIVE official YouTube channel


■ About Kurone Yousagi


A second-year high school student (repeating the year) who loves things with a sickly-cute aesthetic. She has a tsundere personality, but occasionally shows her softer side to close friends. She’s a self-proclaimed lady and claims to live in a huge mansion, but the truth is…? Incidentally, her cousin is the voice actress Nozomi Suzuhara.



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