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Details about the Coliseum, Cabaret Club, and Other Entertainment

September 8, 2023 – SEGA has released more information on Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam). Learn about all the fun and games on offer at The Castle, an amusement park tailored for adults.

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■ The Coliseum, One of the Main Draws at The Castle


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The Castle is an adult theme park only open to a handful of VIPs. Its showcase event is the Hell Arena where a wide range of combat spectacles are held in the Coliseum.

The Hell Arena is packed with every type of combat entertainment imaginable, such as team battles and combat with special rules, to whet the appetites of its discerning clientele. Take control of your allies in addition to Kiryu and conquer the arena!

There are four different types of battle modes at Hell Arena. You can participate in one-on-one tournaments, face off against a horde of fighters in Hell Rumble, or even take part in massive team battles in Hell Team Rumble. Occasionally, there will also be special event matches.

In Hell Team Rumble, it is essential that you adequately organize your team and train them. Your more resilient allies should be placed on the front line, while your support members and allies with ranged weapons should be placed in the rear. Try to come up with your own strategies to capitalize on your team’s individual traits!


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Fighters’ Lounge


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At the Fighters’ Lounge, you can find new allies or talk with your current team members to build stronger ties. It’s an important location where you can also alleviate your allies’ fatigue, so make sure to pay the lounge a visit.


Digital Pre-order Bonus – Legendary Fighter Pack


Floating in the bay, away from the prying eyes of the public, is a mysterious tanker known as the Castle. At the Coliseum on board the ship, three legendary yakuza from the Tojo Clan, Daigo Dojima, Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima, have shown up for the fight! Claim victory with your allies in the ultimate showdown! Who is truly the strongest? Find out in this intense battle between legends!


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■ Winners from the Live Hostess Audition


The five finalists from the Live Hostess Audition will show up as live-action models at the Cabaret Club. Enjoy spending a wonderful evening getting to know them. Once you’ve built a rapport with them, they may even invite you out for some private time afterward. You might even get a glimpse at a whole other side to them.


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■ Push Your Vehicle to the Limit in Pocket Circuit


CourStar—a bar and cafe in Sotenbori allows you to hook you up with new car bodies and parts to build the fastest vehicle and enjoy Pocket Circuit to the max!

Check out some of the new modes, like Time Attack, where you race to get the fastest time, and Rival, which lets you challenge opponents in town.


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■ A Brand-New Song at the Karaoke


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The song “Sayonara Silent Night” has been added to karaoke! You can also sing a duet with Sotenbori’s Jack-Of-All-Trades—Akame!


■ Customize Kiryu from Head to Toe at the Boutique!


The Boutique allows you to customize Kiryu’s appearance. Pick from stylish suits, outlandish shirts, and an assortment of other garments—his wardrobe is entirely up to you! Create your own unique Kazuma Kiryu ensemble!


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■ Other Entertainment


Play SEGA Classics using the Arcade and Master System


Fighting Vipers 2, SEGA RACING CLASSIC 2, and a bunch of other games have been added to the arcade! You can also play Galaxy Force, Flicky, and more on the Master System!


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・Tons of new features added to darts


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The darts machine has been upgraded to Darts Live 3! Count-Up Cricket mode and new, special darts shaped like roses, forks, and more have also been added. Look forward to giving this new game of darts a whirl!



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