“Experience Over 100 Heroes in the Authentic JRPG ‘Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’


Video game publisher 505 Games officially announced that “‘Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes‘ a traditional JRPG developed by Rabbit & Bear Studios, featuring core members from the “Suikoden” series, will be globally distributed by 505 Games. The game is officially launched!

505 Games together with Justdan International Co., Ltd.  will be releasing the digital and physical versions of “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes ” for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea) and Southeast Asia.


At the tumultuous end of the conflict, what truths and justice will emerge amidst the gathering of myriad heroes in this RPG?


“Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes” led by the head of Rabbit & Bear Studios and renowned game developer Yoshitaka Murayama, brings together core members from the development of “Suikoden,” including character designer Junko Kawano and producer Junko Murata. With meticulously crafted narrative and vibrant visual effects combining 2D pixel art and 3D backgrounds, the game aims to immerse modern players in the compelling charm of JRPGs.

The combination of 2D pixel art with 3D backgrounds will provide you with a rich visual feast.


The game’s story unfolds on a continent characterized by multiple culturally diverse kingdoms coexisting amidst frequent warfare. Here, magical artifacts known as “Rune Lenses” exist, and the history of this land is marked by ongoing alliances and conflicts among humans, orcs, elves, and desert dwellers. In the vast land of Alrand, two friends from different backgrounds unite as the Galladian Empire, driven by a thirst for power, plunges into war.


Players will be able to recruit over 100 characters to save the lands ravaged by war.


Players will embark on an adventure in this fantasy world alongside protagonists from diverse backgrounds: “Nova” from the united nations, “Sain” from the imperial army, and “Marisa” from the guardian organization.



Product Information


‘Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’ Standard Edition / Limited Edition

Where to buy: https://www.softsourcegames.com/outlets




Limited Edition Contents:


  1. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes full game
  2. 1x Easy Journey Pack: (6x Healing Herb, 4x Healing Incense, 2x Revive Medicine. 3x Runeshard of Return, 1x Gold Coin)
  3. 1x Headquarters Custom Object
  4. Season Pass: (3x Wallpapers by Kawano, 2x Headquarters Paints, DLC – Seign’s Chapter, DLC  – Marisa’s Chapter and DLC  – Markus’ Chapter)
  5. Digital Mini Artbook
  6. Digital Soundtrack


Product Information


Game Title: Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Original Game Title: Eiyuden Chronicle

Genre: JRPG

Developer: Rabbit & Bear Studios

Main Publisher: 505 Games

Asia Regional Publisher: Justdan International Co., Ltd.

Supported Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: Scheduled for April 23, 2024

Number of Players: 1 player

Game Voice: Japanese and English

Subtitle Support: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean



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