Roll, smash, and bash your way through time in a 3D platforming extravaganza coming to Nintendo Switch™ & PlayStation®5 on Asia on 4 July 2024


25 June 2024 | Singapore-based publisher Soft Source Pte Ltd,in association with Untold Tales S.A. and developer Exit Plan Sp. z.o.o., is pleased to announce the physical release of Bang-On Balls: Chronicles for Nintendo Switch™ & PlayStation®5 in Asia on 4 July 2024.


Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a glorious bouncy 3D platforming and combat inspired by some of the best in the genre Become BOB, a reckless bouncy hero embarking on a quest of epic adventures and chaos.

Open World Exploration and Destruction
Roll into jam packed open worlds that let you explore and utterly smash them to pieces in the process! Conquer adversaries and boss fights, tackle thrilling challenges, and unearth multiple hidden secrets. Realms bursting with activities to do at your own pace while you break almost everything along the way.

Bounce Around History
Bounce between multiple (slightly inaccurate) historically themed open worlds each with their own unique mechanics, items, and enemies. From the Vikings through to the Age of Pirates. From Feudal Japan over into The Space Race. Each world lets you hop in and out whenever and carry over progress.

Single Player, Online Co-op and Local Wireless Multiplayer
Go solo or grab friends. Supports single player, Local Wireless Multiplayer, and online co-op up to 4 players! Jump in and out sessions and keep any items and weapons collected.

Extensive Character Customization
Collect an arsenal of weapons, shields, and themed items to customize your character! No cosmetic paid DLC – unleash your creative powers to customize your character with items collected from playing.

Key Game Features
– Glorious bouncy 3D platforming and combat in a series of (slightly inaccurate) historical  worlds.
– Full of content. Fight foes, rescue allies, take on multiple objectives, uncover secret and collect bundles of themed items and weapons.
– Smash, dash, and steamroll highly destructible environments.
– Customize your character with a massive amount of flags, items, weapons and themed decorations, all collected from playing.
– Enjoy Single Player, Online Co-op and Local Wireless Multiplayer modes. Seamlessly jump in and out of sessions with friends and keep everything you’ve collected.
– It teaches history. Well….kinda.



Game Release Information

Date: 4 July 2024

Platform: Nintendo Switch™ & PlayStation®5

Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer

Languages: English /French /German /Italian /Polish /Portuguese /Russian /Spanish/ Turkish /Japanese/Simplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese /Korean


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About Exit Plan: Exit Plan is a Polish based developer created with the goal of delivering FUN through New video games with fresh concepts that will be easy to just pick-up and play


About Untold Tales: Untold Tales is a leading indie game publisher that aims to deliver fun and entertaining games that are built around interesting stories. The type of experiences that deliver remarkable joy and narrative to players.


About Soft Source: Soft Source Pte Ltd is a publisher known for publishing many games in Asia including the recently released The Legend of Tianding, Dread Out 2, Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos, Grime and many more.


2024 Untold Tales S.A. and Exit Plan Sp. z o.o. Bang-on Balls: Chronicles logo, the Untold Tales logo and Exit Plan logo are trademarks of Untold Tales S.A. and/or Exit Plan Sp. z o.o. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Soft Source Pte Ltd in South East Asia/Hongkong/Taiwan.




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