Compete With Up to 15 Other Players Online in Battle Mode and Much More!


February 21, 2024SEGA is thrilled to announce that Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, the latest title in the Super Monkey Ball series, is slated to release on Nintendo Switch™ on June 25, 2024. Pre-orders for the physical version and Digital Deluxe Edition are now open.


Fun for all ages, challenge your family, friends, and neighbors to Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble – whoever rolls their way to the goal first wins!

Compete with up to 16 players from around the world in Battle Mode or tumble your way within the time limit across 200 new stages in Adventure Mode for the traditional Super Monkey Ball experience.

Delve into a brand-new story, meet new characters, and play with up to 3 friends on one device at any time – make sure to check out the trailer!

To watch the Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble! First Trailer…check it out below!



New Game Modes! Face Off Against Up to 15 Players Online in Battle Mode


From friends and family to players around the world, challenge your fellow contenders to a plethora of games.


A Glimpse at Some of The Multiplayer Modes:

• Race
A variety of courses filled with stage action to trip you up. The first player to the goal wins!



• Banana Hunt
Collect the most bananas before the timer runs out to be crowned the winner!




• Robot Smash
Ram into a robot to smash it into smithereens!




Play Adventure Mode with Up To 3 Others in Split-Screen Mode!


Whether you’re winding down alone or partying it up with friends, there’s a mode for everyone! In Adventure Mode, weave your way through 200 new stages and their unique gimmicks. For the first time in the series, you can even split the screen to play with up to 3 other friends on the same Nintendo Switch™. (Online mode also allows up to 4 players to play together.)




Super-Monkey-Ball-Banana-Rumble-Releasing-June-25th-07Split-Screen Mode


Take Advantage of The New Spin Dash Action to Clear Stages!


Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble introduces the new Spin Dash action. Besides jumping and rolling at high-speed, the new Spin Dash maneuver will open up a wide range of options for players to navigate through stages.

In Battle Mode, if you manage to throw your competitors off-course or get an early lead using a Start Dash, a well-timed Spin Dash could be all you need to clinch the victory!





Personalize Your Character with over 300 Customization Parts!


From hats and shoes to balls and effects, customize your look with more than 300 Customization Parts. By progressing through the game, you might even get your hands on costumes that’ll transform your look from head to toe











AiAi                                                      MeeMee                       Baby







GonGon                                    YanYan                                  Doctor



New Character: Palette




Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the Digital Deluxe Edition




The Digital Deluxe Edition contains the base game and all DLC as a set. Pre-order now from the Nintendo eShop.


• Digital Deluxe Edition:


➢ Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble base game
➢ SEGA Pass** (6 original characters, 15 Customization Parts)
**Content from the SEGA Pass will be released gradually after the launch of the game and continue until March 31, 2025.


Pre-Order Bonus (Early Purchase)




Receive a free Banana Costume DLC when you pre-order the digital version or purchase the physical version (while stocks last). Don your banana Costume to boost your physical a-peel as you race towards the goal!



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