A sample video featuring previews of all songs on Liyuu’s 2nd album Soaring Heart, which will be released on February 7 under the Lantis label, has been released. In addition, a music video of the title track “Soaring Heart” has also been unveiled. The music video was shot at the KAIT Plaza of Kanagawa Institute of Technology, a location that has recently gained attention on music programs. The ethereal space, with its square blocks of light, leaves a lasting impression. The scenes progress in harmony with the lyrics, culminating in Liyuu singing against a clear blue sky, evoking a sense of “soaring.”



Furthermore, following the album release, it has been announced that Liyuu Concert TOUR 2024 “My Soaring Heart” will take place in three locations across Chiba, Osaka, and Aichi starting from April this year. Approximately one year since her inaugural concert tour held last year, we hope you will consider participating in this tour, which is anticipated to showcase new songs from the album.



Soaring Heart Music Video





2nd Album Sample Video




Product Information


Liyuu 2nd Album “Soaring Heart”

Release date: February 7, 2024
Artist: Liyuu






Limited First Edition: LACA-35072 (CD + BD)
Price: ¥4,620 (inc. tax)

Lyrics and photo book included










Regular Edition: LACA-25072 (CD)

Price: ¥3,300 (inc. tax)










  1. Soaring Heart

Lyrics: Erica Masaki; Composition/Arrangement: Aira (Dream Monster)

  1. bloomin’

Lyrics: Miyu Shirayuki; Composition/Arrangement: Yusuke Shirato (Dream Monster)


Lyrics/Composition: TAKUYA; Arrangement: Akimitsu Honma

  1. CuteBit

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: 5u5h1

  1. Warp to You

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: PandaBoY

  1. Kanaeru Kanata

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Shuji Kanayama (Dream Monster)

  1. Wonderland

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: picco

  1. Loving Loving

Lyrics/Composition: MOMO; Arrangement: MOMO, Carlos K.

  1. Rokutousei

Lyrics: Ameko Kodama; Composition/Arrangement: JUVENILE

  1. purple and cycle

Lyrics: Aco Kawai, Ginnojō Hoshi; Composition/Arrangement: Ginnojō Hoshi




[Blu-ray] (Limited First Edition only)

  1. Soaring Heart Music Video
  2. Making of Soaring Heart Music Video


First production bonus: One of three photo cards (random) *Limited First Edition only







A singer and cosplayer from Shanghai, China. In January 2020, she made her debut as an artist with “Magic Words,” the opening theme song for the TV anime Hatena Illusion. In February 2022, she released her first album “Fo(u)r YuU” and performed her first solo concert at Pacifico Yokohama National Grand Hall. The bilibili live stream of the concert, held in Liyuu’s hometown, attracted 7,000 viewers and became the highest-ranked concert live stream from Japan. In April 2023, she held Liyuu Concert Tour 2023 “LOVE in koii,” which included performances in her home country of China (Shanghai and Guangzhou) for the first time. Liyuu also brings the character Keke Tang to life as a member of the school idol group Liella in Love Live! Superstar!!


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