The Philippine Summer of ’24 very likely will be remembered for having unbelievably cruel heat that can send many a Filipino back to their electric fans only to be baked by its empty promises of relief. It may have been the reason that The Oasis 2024 wisely added a small fan in their little goodie bag; a small token to stave off the heat that day while you wandered about the quaint Metro Tent.


If you were a brave enough soul, you could step into the adjacent open-air tent where most of the food and drink booths were. It looked searingly hot and I would soon find out that it felt just as I had imagined it and a bit more. Thankfully there was a booth that offered salvation in the form of several thirst-quenching drinks in large cups. The food was also appetizing despite the sweltering 36(?) degree heat that embraced me.


All of that serving as the backdrop, The Oasis 2024 provided a venue where a variety of different interests merged into a kaleidoscope of events that made for a cool and exciting time. Thick sumo suits lay next to an arena that looked like they only offered to complete your sauna experience. On a cooler day, I might have been tempted to try them on but that would not be this day.


I didn’t bring a change of clothes and they probably wouldn’t let me sumo in the nude if at all


I was delighted to see more keyboard-related items on display than I’d ever seen at a convention like this. From keyboards to mousepads and even some merch made of wood. I’d recently gotten into it so it made me happy knowing that making your own was getting more accessible here than in the past. The keyboard speed-building competition was a cool event that served to cap the hobby off.


Keebs and caps and switches for days!


Naturally, there were the collection of different merchandise that one would expect from every convention and even some that were specifically catered to cosplay. It was certainly aided with the several booths of cosplayers and their prints, merch, and of course, the cosplay competition.

The Just Dance competition was a cute addition and it was good timing that the AC units got fixed after being down for a while. That was what drove me to the outer tent to get a drink and a snack. Thankfully, with the air at the main tent cool again, they were able to have the contestants dance to their heart’s content.


The competition was fierce as the heat was looming over the tent


Overall, I found myself feeling both a little nostalgic and refreshed. Pre-pandemic, it felt like smaller conventions were beginning to go the way of the dodo in favor of bigger and more massive cons that boasted of star guests. It was reassuring to know that events like these that don’t necessarily have the same size or promises be able to execute on something at this scale.


I look forward to seeing another Oasis next year especially if the summer heat will render the rest of the metro a desert once again.


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