REV Major 2023 was a two day event spanning from September 30 to October 1st at the SMX Center. Here’s some select shots from the 2-day event.



REV Major 2023 Select Shots







Rae Lil Black


REV Major 2023’s special guest, Rae Lil Black, was on hand for both days to talk to media and meet her fans. The Adult Video starlet and videogame fighting game fan truly had a big impact that weekend. She was seen taking pictures with fans and even playing a round of Tekken at the VIP booth.




Melty Blood Booth by Rumble Royale


We mentioned this at our previous articles on REV Major 2023 that the booth of Rumble Royale was a very unique one. It truly had the spirit of the online lore of Melty Blood. I’m sure it wasn’t just me who was amazed they had the stones to pull this toilet/washroom theme off for REV Major 2023.




A part of me is very intrigued on what booth they’ll have for REV Major 2024.




Tag Team Match, Playa!



Part of REV Major 2023 was an interesting mix of FGC experts teaming up with Vivamax Starlets in the G Fighter Zone Tag Team Match. For both days it featured two teams battling out in DOA 5.






It was a rather interesting mix of skill and sexy on the REV Major stage for sure. What was also assured was a good time by everyone watching this interesting mix for the event.




The Community



From Pools to Casuals, the FGC were in full force for REV Major 2023. Here are a couple of shots of the pools/casuals area from REV Major 2023.








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Special thanks to Gariath Concepts for inviting us to cover this year’s edition of this amazing event.



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