REV Major 2023 Day 2 had that big fight feel as it featured the tournament finals of a handful of games from Day 1. Here are some of the highlights that we wish to share to you.






Tito in the house






One of our favorite titos was at REV Major 2023 in the form of Tito Steef’s. Their booth had Retro fighting games and Rhythm Games for every con-goer. It was located near the VIP area and almost near the Rumble Royale booth. If the current fighting game titles were not to your taste, Steef’s can hook you up with games like X-Men vs. Street fighter or even a rhythm game you would like to try out in his booth.




It’s always a blast to see booths that give us that nostalgic feel with some retro games like Tito Steef’s.





Merch for all!


Of course we won’t forget the merch booths! REV Major 2023 had a handful of booths with a lot of goodies that will make you say “nabudol ako”.



They had booths that sold some artwork, stickers, shirts, and others just for the video game fans and the like.







Tag Match Part Two


REV Major 2023 Day 2 featured another duel between notable VivaMax actress with some seasoned FGC players. This round it would be Team Angela Moreno taking on Team Micaella Raz. Team Micaella swept the floor and went 3-0 on Team Angela in this new round of Dead or Alive.





On stage for the tag team segment were Poch and Quatro. That fact made this local pro westling fan imagine them commentating a wrestling match on the REV Major stage.





Final Thoughts




Overall, REV Major 2023 Weekend was such a great weekend event. A lot of the Fighting Game Community of the country were there at SMX to compete and celebrate with each other. Personally, I enjoyed this year’s edition as I got the full feel of REV Major during both days. I would recommend any video game fan, and not just the FGC fans, to visit REV Major when it happens next year. I guarantee that you will have a great time.


Special thanks to REV Major and Gariath Concepts for inviting our site to cover this event. We are excited to #DoItAgain for next year 🙂


Don’t forget to check the REV Major facebook page to know who won the respective tournaments during the weekend.



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