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[Warning: If you haven’t watched the LATEST EPISODE of MADOKA (EP9 as of this writing), DO NOT CONTINUE. SPOILERS ABOUND.]
Speculah Madokah
Anyway after a few minutes of intense reading on various topics on Madoka Magica, a certain entry in Puella-Magi.net wiki linked me to a blog post of Dark Mirage.
The whole post dismisses the solution to the Heat Death of the Universe explanation by Kyuubey (QB) and his society’s reasons for creating Magical Girls and Witches, since it apparently does not follow through with the laws of Entropy. Although anime doesn’t exactly have to follow the laws of physics, this was probably invoked by the series’ sudden steer into that direction.
The post was extensive, but I thought it may have missed a few points. I don’t usualy discuss stuff like these over the internet as I don’t treat this as srzfrknbiz (but this series is an exception anyway), I submitted a comment response (couldn’t resist LMAO). Anyway. I’ll just copy and paste my comment here for posterity:

Just a thought (forgive me though, I may be half asleep while thinking this LMAO); On creating “loli farms”:

> Since the Magic is influenced by the strength of the Soul Gems and that the Soul Gems are powered by their souls, and that souls are affected by what a person believes, feels and dreams with, we could say that a person with an intense feeling of loving care for her family, friends, and the world will be a powerful magical girl/witch. It may be within the power of QB’s society to be able to create a simulated environment that they can grow out their loli’s and harvest as they go, nothing beats the experiences, emotions, beliefs and wishes of the souls of the un-simulated and natural environment; hence the higher value of free-range grown chickens as against the ones that are grown in the coops…

On granting wishes (maybe not related to this post, but I think I read something somewhere up there): >Maybe granting wishes for the girls to become puella magi is just an initiation or just the move to activate a girl’s magical power; The power to grant wishes comes directly from the soul of the girl, in which the incubator is just the catalyst (this may be the reason why a magical girl’s ability/magic is related to her wish). The process would have been violent, as sundering the soul from the initial container (body) would have been violent; the wishes granted are from the energy burst from the process. With her wish initiating the removal of a person’s soul (something that might function as an out of the body experience– well humans doing out-of-the-body experiences tend to do things that are beyond any explanation anyway LMAO) and the initial energy burst transformed into her wish, the Soul Gem is then formed. That is “Forming the Contract”– another name for “Let me Sunder Your Soul, and the Excess Power be your wish granted!” LOL.

*Goes back to sleep*

So there.

You can read more on Puella Madoka Magica theories on this page.





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