Sakura Soundtrip – Koi no Yukue (恋ノ行方) by Akase Akari (あかせあかり) (My Dress-Up Darling ED)

Written by TheMartinV

31 January 2023

Sakura-Soundtrip-Koi-no-Yukue-by-Akase-Akari-(My Dress-Up Darling ED)-cover

Akase Akari in her MV (image from Akase Akari YouTube Channel)



Sakura Soundtrip starts off with the ending track of My Dress-Up Darling Koi no Yukue (恋ノ行方) by Akase Akari (あかせあかり)


My Dress-Up Darling ED Video



My Dress-Up Darling (a.k.a. Sono Bisuku Dōru wa Koi o Suru) was one of the hit animes last year in 2022. The anime is based on the best selling manga of the same title that follows the story of a boy obsessed with crafting hina dolls named Wakana Gojo and a cosplay loving student named Marin Kitagawa. Without spoiling much, their individual goals intersect one fateful day and Gojo-kun would start to create some kick-ass costumes for Marin to do cosplay with. A beautiful friendship blooms. As such with most animes we have watched in the past or present (I think).



Sakura-Soundtrip-Koi-no-Yukue-by-Akase-Akari-(My Dress-Up Darling ED)-1Anime ED version (image from Aniplex YouTube Channel)



But the real video I’d want you guys to check out is the official music video of Akase Akari featuring the My Dress-Up Darling anime ending song. She is known for doing cosplay and cover songs, so this just fits her to a tee. We did not expect how epic it would be.


Check out the video below to see her amazing cosplay of Kitagawa Marin’s three attires.




I saw this video last year and it really took my breath away on how dedicated to character Akase Akari. She really characterized the Marin persona on point. Props to you, Akari-san!


This song is so catchy to me that I have to confess I may be one of the 11 million views (as of this writeup) that would watch this on repeat early last year.


That’s it for this month’s Sakura Soundtrip. Hit us up here or on our facebook page on which song (OP or ED) you want us to talk about.



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