Stunning Hinagiku and Mirai Cosplay

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The 3rd of March is the celebration of the Hinamatsuri in Japan, where they put on display dolls representing the royal court during the Heian Period. It’s a widely celebrated festival, both for the young and old.

But this day is especially special for the otaku, as this day is also the birthday of characters Mirai Suenaga and, of course, Hinagiku Katsura.

Maridah, a cosplayer famed for her rendition of Servant Saber in Fate/Stay Night showcases her cosplay of Hina-chan and Mirai-chan!

Also, a wallpaper can be found here.



Hmmm what could she be hiding behind her back?


Surprise surprise!


Wouldn’t you just want to be the recipient of that chocolate? <3

Of course, it’s Mirai Suenaga’s Birthday, too!


Going out? Don’t keep a lady waiting!



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You can find more of Maridah’s cosplay on her Facebook page.

Looking for a wallpaper? Grab it here.



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