Am pretty sure a lot of Persona 4 aficionados are looking forward to the upcoming anime adaptation. I’ve seen a lot of P4A discussions and videos these past few weeks and a few hours ago, I stumbled on something worth saving: renders!

I’ve got zero talent when it comes to rendering, and as shame as it is, I only download most of my renders from random sites. I didn’t have a lot of P4 renders in my folder either, so I find these really good additions. And now, I wish to do a good deed and share them. I’m still thinking of where to use these (hmm maybe we can use them in the site too), but if anyone would be using these renders, it’ll be great if you can show it to us as well! You can see the render thumbnails below, or click here to download the whole thing. Hope these are good additions to your collection!






Fall Anime Guide 2011
Fate Zero Starts


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    Amelia Briglia — 13 March 2012 at 4:51 AM


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