With the number of ongoing projects on Kickstarter, one would not be completely surprised to find a couple of them out there related to animation. Xygen aims to produce a three-part animated short film titled, Akari no Chikai [Oath Project] through the use of an open-source software, Blender. Other software used included Gimp, Freestyle and Vocaloid. The trilogy follows Akari Fujiwara’s quest for vengeance after her father’s mysterious death. She is accompanied by an adept mercenary, Anino Shin, who has a different objective of tracking down a person only known by a few as “The Boss.”

One thing that piqued my interests is that Xygen is made of artists from different parts of the globe, which in a way explains the multicultural references with the characters and other story elements (the words “Anino” and “Magdalo Group” made me grin for a few seconds lol). With the recent success of RWBY, there are more animation projects from independent groups being produced, and hopefully, Akari no Chikai will have enough funds to keep going, and be welcomed warmly by its viewers and pledgers.

You can view their trailers and other videos here. As this is a Kickstarter project, those who will pledge for Akari no Chikai will get free stuff, depending on how much they give. Those who can pledge more than US $2,000 will have their names branded as producers for this project.

Learn more about Akari no Chikai from their official site or their Kickstarter page.



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