GSC Figma Review – Casual Version Jeanne d’Arc

Written by Ren

31 August 2020

Figma Casual Jeanne cover image

From the Fate/Apocrypha anime series comes the Casual Version Jeanne d’Arc Figma. In this review, we’ll check out this figure which is based on her civilian attire when not in battle. The Figma has a simple package of accessories and some nice gimmicks. Read on to check out the review!

Out of the Box

Figma Casual Jeanne box

Simple and straightforward. The Casual Jeanne d’Arc Figma has a minimal set of accessories and attachments, but that’s pretty much all she needs. There’s quite a number of poses that you can still do with her if you’re creative enough.

Figma Casual Jeanne box sides

This version of Jeanne d’Arc uses her host, Laeticia’s outfit. It consists of a blazer, stockings and shorts on the outside, as well as a collared backless shirt and tie. There’s even an alternative body that shows the Command Seal on Jeanne d’Arc’s back.

First Impressions

The Casual Jeanne Figma stands at approximately 5.4 inches tall and stands on her own well enough, even without a base.

Figma Casual Jeanne height

She stands a little shorter than the Archer Jeanne (right) in comparison, but that’s only because the latter has beach high-heel flip-flops. When compared to the Saber 2.0 Figma on the right, the height is almost the same.

Figma Casual Jeanne height comparison

The figure is easy on the eyes, and accurately captures the look of Jeanne d’Arc’s casual attire.

Figma Casual Jeanne Front and Back Normal

What’s even better is that the alternate body’s back perfectly replicates the Command Seals on Jeanne’s back, as seen in the Fate/Apocrypha anime.

Figma Casual Jeanne Front and Back Alternate

Box Contents and Accessories

The Casual Jeanne d’Arc Figma package contains:

  • 2 alternate faceplates
  • Her travel suitcase
  • The alternate body
  • The Figma base stand and adapters
  • 4 pairs of extra hands
  • An extra hand joint
  • The Figma bag
  • Instruction leaflet 

Figma Casual Jeanne Contents

The suitcase opens up and is also big enough to store the extra hands and faceplates if needed. The alternate body is also swappable and can easily be pulled off from the torso (as seen in the instruction manual above).

Figma Casual Jeanne Accessories

Figma Details

While the casual outfit is perfectly replicated, there are some minor flaws I found here. The white trim on the jacket has some minor paint bleed and the hair has some visible mold lines as seen on the images.

The watch on her left wrist is also painted-on plastic, though thankfully it’s not suffering from bleeding issues unlike the body.

Figma Casual Jeanne details

Figma Articulations

Much like the swimsuit Archer Jeanne Figma, the hair braid on the back of the Casual Jeanne Figma’s head tends to limit the upward bend articulation. Downward head bending is not an issue though, and it’s also possible to detach the hair braid if needed.

Figma Casual Jeanne head articulation

Side-to-side bending isn’t impeded in any way, and the head can also rotate all the way around.

Figma Casual Jeanne head articulation 2

The default body has some limits on the elbow bend. At most, it’s a 45-degree angle bend, but at least the arms can rotate upward and the shoulder joints can be pulled out for more movement range. Wrist articulation is pretty wide since it uses the hinged ball joint most Figmas use.

Figma Casual Jeanne arm articulation 1

The alternate body on the other hand, has far more range since it’s not impeded by the jacket. The elbow joint was able to bend all the way up as a normal human elbow could.

Figma Casual Jeanne arm articulation 2

Leg articulation isn’t as wide as I would want. The leg can swing forwards completely straight and the knee joint has a decent 45-degree bend. Backward swing is pretty adequate enough as well.

It’s also worth noting that the ankle joints can bend forwards and back as well.

Figma Casual Jeanne leg articulation 1

The Figma’s leg split isn’t completely straight however, since the hip’s ball and socket joints are capped by the “shorts” on her legs and limits the bend.

Figma Casual Jeanne leg articulation 2

Figma Poses

The body has a variety of poses that you can do, despite the hair limiting head articulation. The main faceplate’s eyes looking to the left also limits the angle on which you can pose Jeanne and have her “look” at the camera. Thankfully the “stern lecturing” and “blushing” faceplates have a neutral eye position, allowing for more options.

Figma Casual Jeanne with Archer Jeanne Pose 2

Parts Compatibility

Owners of the Archer Jeanne Figma will be delighted to know that the hair front-piece (see lower left below) and faceplates are compatible with the Casual Jeanne’s head connector ports. Unfortunately, the reverse is not possible because the Casual Jeanne’s hair front-piece (lower right) has thicker pegs and not compatible with the swimsuit version.

Figma Casual Jeanne with Archer Jeanne head

The gripping hands on the Casual Jeanne Figma also allow for holding different accessories too, like the Saber 2.0 Figma’s swords.

Figma Casual Jeanne vs Artoria Figma

Thanks to the compatibility of faceplates to the swimsuit Jeanne, it’s also possible to try out different expressions from both Figmas and make different memes too.

Gudako Meme 2020

Things to Note

There are some flaws to this Figma, one of which is that the body connector joint is rather fragile and can easily pop off when posing. Also, the front shirt of the jacket is only covering the front part and doesn’t wrap around the entire torso which looks rather cheap.

Figma Casual Jeanne body joint

Another flaw I encountered was that the hip joints were rather loose and the legs tend to fall off when posing, as was the case when I was testing the articulation.

Figma Casual Jeanne loose

The Verdict

As much as I like the character Jeanne d’Arc from the Fate series, the Figma version still could use some improvements in terms of articulation. My biggest pet peeve was that the hair braid at the back limited the upward head bending considerably and had to be removed so that I could pose her with the head looking up (or as much movement was possible).

The body joint could also use some work as well since bending it forward too much could cause it to separate from the torso.

Despite all that, I could say that the alternate body without the jacket was the main selling point of this Figma. The detail on the Command Seal was insanely intricate and accurate, plus the articulations on this torso were far better than the default one.

Figma Casual Jeanne cover image

Unless you’re a fan of Jeanne d’Arc, I wouldn’t recommend this as your first Figma. Even so, I could still give this a 3.5 out of 5 rating as there were some decent aspects of the figure that I like, such as the parts compatibility with the swimsuit Jeanne Figma.

All in all, the GSC Casual Ruler Jeanne d’Arc Figma is a pretty likeable build and worth this review. It’ll be nice to see what poses I can make with her now that I also have alternative options for parts. 























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