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43 Comments to Anime Folder Icons Download (Winter 2013)

  1. Gotta say I love these icons, makes my whole folder look so much better. And thanks for the hard work.
    but can you add just a few old ones:
    Heroic Age,
    Shana III,
    Nazo no Kanojo X

    1. Didn’t add it since I’m mostly doing icons for anime series, seldom for OVAs and movies. Here’s the download link:

      I think the noise came from the raw image itself. I tried looking for other versions it, but for some reason they all have that “fuzzy” look. I tried removing it, although the color changed a bit. I also added an alternative icon for Disappearance; feel free to use it as an alternative. XD

  2. You’re missing the following i believe, correct me if i am wrong
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
    Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
    Ikki Tousen

    I think thats all, thank you very much for the icons ^__^

    1. I think I have one for Moshidora, but I’m not sure if I already added it to a previous batch. O_O I’ll check on the other icons you listed once I got time. Thanks for the feedback! <3

    1. It’s under Spring 2013 series. Don’t worry, I’ll get it started after a few weeks. Thanks for your great comment, you’re awesome! 😀

  3. Could you add the evangelion movie (end of, rebuild movies) icons in the next batch? You already have 1.11 in there but the others are missing and 3.33 just came out. No rush. :]

  4. Im sorry if I post here but can I ask if you have a icon for Nekomonogatari Black? and To aru all seasons?

    1. and one more request it is not an anime but can you make League of Legends icon and Vocaloid icon if you feel to do it..
      I’m not forcing you to do it but you can refuse if you want too 😀
      tnx Althaea-sama

          1. Hello again I will ask if do you put the Eureka Seven icon in your files..
            I found only the second season of it..

    1. Yes. If you downloaded the full icon pack it should be in there. The filenames are kakumeikivalrave.ico and kakumeikivalrave2.ico (feel free to choose which one you want to use). Enjoy!

  5. could you add Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden and Shadow Skills Icons, I’m having trouble finding some of this Icons. Thanks in advance 🙂

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