Evangeliion 2.0 You Cannot Advance NERV Card Case just arrived at my office, and it is an astounding piece of accessory.
It was found under the “Fun Goods” section of Hobby Link Japan, from which I ordered it from (and yes, it sold out within 4 hours after I ordered. LUCKY! XD)
NERV Cardholder
The packaging is simple, with a plastic wrapper and an Eva sticker telling you that series it is from.
Also, there’s the pride of the card holder: A bronze NERV logo placed in front of the case.
NERV Cardholder Logo
There’s also a Ganiax hologram sticker, telling you that it is a genuine product.
NERV Cardholder Holo Sticker
If you open the case inside, there is a NERV logo ‘watermarked’ inside of it.
NERV Cardholder Watermarked Interior
So far, I could see that this can hold up to 5-8 ID-sized plastic cards. I have yet to open up the package. XD
Have you ordered stuff like these too? 🙂



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