So here we are with the second game that I’ve played over at my Nokia phone, and it’s Pacman.

At a glance:

Game Engine: Java
Type: Arcade
What makes this different: I think the difference it makes is that it brings the ol’ Pacman experience to the palm of your hand.

So before I begin:

Here’s the second game that I’ve played last time I was with my Annual Physical Exam.

This game can be very challenging, and will be played just for you to get that stage finished without any death.


There isn’t any. Maybe a story about how Pacman evades them ghosts?




New and young gamers will most probably not recognize this iconic character, but this is Pacman. You control this guy, and it is up to you to lead him into eating up those dots and completing the stage… without you touching them ghosts that are chasing you.


The Ghosts

These guys are the one who will be chasing you. I personally don’t know what pacman did to piss these guys off, but you’re sure to find out that touching at least one of these guys will take away one of your lives.


There isn’t much menus for this game, as this is created being faithful to the original game.

If you wait a little at the title screen, there’s these instructions.


Simple enough, eh?

And if you wait a bit longer, you’ll see a record of the high score.



If you press the [Play] button/softkey, you’ll be taken immediately to the game screen.


Yep that’s the game screen. You’ll see that the dots are lined up neatly into the corridors of the map, and by eating them all you’ll be able to finish the stage.

Ah the big dots? Eat them and the ghosts will turn into blue and will be afraid of you. Eat the ghosts while they’re blue to send them back to their base.

Ahh ghosts eaten and that have returned to the base can come out again after you, this time as normal.


Ohohohoh. The game’s sound is exactly similar to the sounds you hear in the classic arcade machine or Family Computer console. It brings back a lot of memories!

Final Notes

This game is noteable for its faithful port of the game– it’s exactly what it says on the tin. For those who finds themselves stuck in traffic or long lines most of the time, by all means, get this game.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to go put some numbers into the high score record.

You can download this game at . You can also access the site using your phone’s mobile browser.



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Ohooo, what do you think?

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