MARCH 15, 2024, Manila, Philippines – Tower of Fantasy players are up for a surprise visit from a massive creature through the spacetime rift, shattering the daily tranquility. An intruder known as the ‘familiar’ appeared outside of Mirroria. In the face of this crisis, a young boy controlling a universal humanoid weapon steps forward, engaging in a desperate battle. Limited Simulacrum Asuka and Rei together with their limited weapons Spear of Longinus and Redemption will be available in the limited Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion collaboration.



Other Evangelion-themed items include Asuka Limited Order: Red Descent, Rei Limited Order: Tranquil Song, Asuka Haute Couture: Overlooking the Gray, Rei Haute Couture: Future’s Echo, and EVA Outfit Gacha: Scarlet Red. Evangelion Fantasy will run from March 12 until April 29, 2024.


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