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Voice Actress/Singer Nonoka Obuchi to Perform ED Theme Song Composed by Popular Vocaloid Producer Neru!


The second promotional video for the TV anime Mysterious Disappearances, which is scheduled to premiere in Japan in April 2024, was released today. Voice actress and singer Nonoka Obuchi, who won the Special Award in the FlyingDog audition “InuCon!” in the Voice Actor, Singer, and Songwriter category, has been announced as the performer for the ending theme song.


Mysterious Disappearances 2nd PV



Mysterious Disappearances is a contemporary supernatural mystery that follows Sumireko Ogawa, an aspiring writer and bookstore clerk, and her colleague Ren Adashino as they confront a series of mysterious incidents occurring around town. The story blends elements of the supernatural, the shoujo genre, and human idiosyncrasies to create a tale of brief friendships and farewells amidst supernatural occurrences.


Mysterious Disappearances - Key Visual


The ending theme song, titled “Akaku Somete Shinzo,” marks Nonoka Obuchi’s first time performing an anime theme song, and she enriches the world of the anime with her rich voice and expressive abilities.


The song is being produced by Neru, a charismatic Vocaloid producer known for creating addictive tunes like “Ashura-chan,” “Lost One’s Weeping,” and “Dappou Rock,” which have racked up millions of views. Despite being an ending theme, the song captivates viewers with its memorable and catchy melody, drawing them into the world of the anime.


The fact that Mafumafu is providing the opening theme and Neru the ending theme has also garnered significant attention. This is a combination that fans will not want to miss!


In the second promotional video, a portion of “Akaku Somete Shinzo” can be heard. Alongside the opening theme song “Hazard Symbol” by Yuyu, we highly recommend giving it a listen!


Nonoka Obuchi’s comment:


This is voice actress and singer Nonoka Obuchi. I will be singing the ending theme song “Akaku Somete Shinzo” for the TV anime Mysterious Disappearances.


Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. Since I was a little girl, I have spent many evenings immersed in books, and was also captivated by mysterious stories I found on the internet. It is astonishing to me that I should have the chance to be part of a work that combines both of these elements! I am honored by this opportunity and amazed by this mysterious twist of fate.


The song, written by Neru, is up-tempo and melodious. It is an ending theme that evokes both a sense of sorrow for the story’s passing and anticipation for future developments. I hope you will enjoy this excitement at the end of each episode.



Neru - Artist Photo

Neru’s comment:


I am deeply honored to be involved as the lyricist and composer for the ending theme song sung by Nonoka Obuchi.


Although it’s an ending theme, I was requested to create a song to rival the opening, and I did my best to deliver a high energy track.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to further enjoy the world of Mysterious Disappearances through this music.


Nonoka Obuchi - Artist Photo


Nonoka Obuchi’s Profile


Birthday: March 13

Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture

Blood Type: A

Height: 147 cm

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, eating super spicy foods

Special Skill: Reading news manuscripts


From her elementary school years through high school, she appeared in dramas and variety shows, and also achieved success in singing auditions. During her university years, she showcased her multifaceted talents by participating in stage performances and serving as a student caster on ABEMA and BS Asahi.

Amidst these activities, she couldn’t let go of her childhood dream of becoming a voice actress, and in 2021, she enrolled in a voice acting school. The following year, she won the Special Award in the FlyingDog audition “InuCon!” and embarked on her journey as a voice actress and singer.

She will perform the ending theme song of the TV anime Mysterious Disappearances, which starts in April, 2024.




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