Puyo Puyo Tetris Sale 2023 - 01

Now Surpassing 3 Million Units Worldwide! Up to 50% off on Puyo Puyo™ Tetris®, Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2, and More!

December 20, 2023 – SEGA is delighted to announce that the Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® series has gone on to sell 3 million units worldwide. To commemorate this milestone, there will be a limitedtime sale for the digital PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Nintendo Switch™ versions of the Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® series in which select titles will discounted by 50%.

Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2, and Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® Special Price are currently available at a bargain price. Don’t let this great opportunity slip by!

*Please note that the sale periods vary for each title.

Newest title in the series, Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2 (PS4™/PS5™/Nintendo Switch™)

Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2 features various game modes, including Skill Battle, where powerful character skills can change the landscape of your match; Adventure Mode, where you must navigate a new overworld and rescue your pals; and Lessons mode, which provides interactive tutorials to newcomers to help them get familiar with the game. Enjoy competitive and co-op play with up to 3 other players.


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