New mini-games, gameplay updates and more await battle royale players in PUBG Mobile’s 5th Anniversary celebration!


Metro Manila, PH PUBG Mobile, the highly popular mobile battle royale published by Level Infinite is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month with new content, activities and other experiences. The 5th Anniversary update will introduce new themed areas in the iconic map of Erangel as well as a new mechanic that will allow players to create unique gaming experiences on top of the action-packed looter-shooter gameplay.



High five to the Imagiversary – new themed areas to discover and explore



PUBG Mobile’s 5th Anniversary update brings a new twist to your classic battle royale matches as new areas and items await to be discovered all over the map. Called the Imagiversary, new areas – Imagine Plaza and Imagination District arrive in Erangel and Livik each with their own unique mini-game mechanic and lots of advanced supplies to loot.




Imagination Plaza

  • A large themed area located at Stalber and Quarry in Erangel. While it is filled with a lot of crates, the Imagination Plaza’s biggest reward lies in the largest crate at the center of the area. Players will be challenged to take full control of Imagination Plaza by occupying 4 key areas, competing against other squads in exchange for huge rewards.

Imagination District

  • A smaller themed area that can be found within Erangel and Livik. Just like the Imagination Plaza, the Imagination District also contains a lot of supply rewards that players can loot after occupying key areas. Taking control of the Imagination District also results in looting advanced supplies.


Together with these new areas, PUBG Mobile’s 5th Anniversary update also introduces new gameplay items to give a new twist on your fight for a chicken dinner. A new defensive item called Block Cover will be lootable in crates all over the map, providing extra cover during shootouts  and even as a bridge to traverse terrain. A Portable Trampoline will help players cover great distances, and a new Dual-Purpose Cannon can launch various throwables much farther than a normal throw or can even be used by players to throw themselves in the air for some medium distance traversal or some EPIC killer plays.


And lastly, there’s the Supply Converter, which players can use to get new supplies by converting them 2 for 1. Apart from typical Classic Mode supplies, the supplies can also be converted into items from past seasons or even all-new items.



Welcome to the WORLD OF WONDER – New user generated content to experience



The themed areas are not the only content that’s new with PUBG Mobile’s 5th Anniversary update as new user generated content is also here to experience! Crafted by our creative content creator partners, watch and even participate in these new unique game modes and experience PUBG Mobile like never before.



More grassroots esports and events coming your way!



PUBG Mobile continues to provide opportunities for squads nationwide to achieve their esports dream with the PUBG Mobile City Tournament or PMCT. Starting with the PMCT’s Ladies Tournament which took place last March 18-19, 2023, crownedteam Ace to Glory – Asteria as 2023’s inaugural champion.





The action does not stop there though, as PMCT is heading to more regions starting with the National Capital Region or Metro Manila and then Visayas and Mindanao. NCR’s elimination rounds will be live this coming March 26-27, 2023 with the finals event happening on April 1 and 2, 2023 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City Metro Manila. For more information about PMCT, be sure to visit the PUBG Mobile Philippines Esports social media page.






Speaking of onsite events, PUBG Mobile will also be hosting the Air Drop Tour happening at the Ayala Malls Market! Market! This March 25-26, 2023 in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila. Lots of activities and rewards will be available to PUBG Mobile players and fans including exclusive merchandise and other in-game goodies.





PUBG MOBILE’s 5th Anniversary Update Version 2.5 is free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.


You can also visit follow the official PUBG MOBILE social channels:



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