Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Shares First NGS Headline of 2024

Written by Ren

1 February 2024

PSO2 New Genesis - 01 KV

The Conclusion to Chapter 6, New Game Features, and New Ways for New Players to Join the ARKS Revealed Today

January 31, 2024 – SEGA today shared a new NGS Headline, a program to inform players about the present and future of Sega’s free-to-play online action RPG, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS, with information on current operations, future updates, and campaigns. Today’s NGS Headline revealed the final part of Chapter 6, new game features, and new ways to play PSO2: NGS for the first time.


PSO2 New Genesis - 02


Watch today’s NGS Headline here



The Final part of Chapter 6 of the Main Story will be available on Jan 31st. Aina continues to work hard as a training instructor for new ARKS, but as the days go by, she seems to still be struggling with her worries. At some point, the protagonist meets the rookie ARKS Rikul and Ruka. From what they tell you about their training with Aina, it seems that she is having a hard time teaching others, and it seems that she will soon be taking her new recruits on a long-distance reconnaissance training exercise. Will Aina be able to successfully train them up? After a long period of development, Chapter 6 finally comes to an end. Be sure to check out where the story is going.



The player level cap will be raised to 85 as players progress through the end of Chapter 6. New players who want to jump right into the game now have the option to skip the Prologue, even if they are playing their first character. Players can revisit the prologue later from the Quest Counter.


Rangers & Gunners



Rangers and Gunners will receive adjustments to Attack Range, motion speed, and cancel timing, as well as additional behavior and balance adjustments such as increased charge phases for certain Photon Arts, new Class Skills, and significantly updated Effects.


Auto-Join Party


PSO2 New Genesis - 04


This update also adds the new Auto-Join Party feature. By utilizing this feature, players who have enabled the setting will automatically join to form Parties under specific conditions, such as before starting a Multi-Party Quest, when in Combat Sectors during a Trial, or at the beginning of a PSE Burst. Players can access the settings from the Party Settings screen or by using shortcut keys. In addition, players can hide shortcut keys and keep the Auto-Join Party feature enabled at all times from the Options settings.


AC Super Sale



We’re launching the ARKS Cash Super Sale Early Spring ’24 on February 7th. The sale is different in every store, and you can make purchases to get the bonus once in each store!

This time, the sale will also extend to the Razer Gold store. If you’re interested, take a look at the shops to see what’s on offer.

The Global version of PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS includes fully localized text and character voices in English and will remain content current with the Japanese servers. Details can be found here. For additional up-to-the-minute updates, players can follow @play_PSO2 on X (formerly Twitter), @PSO2Official on Facebook, and @play_pso2 on Instagram.





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