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31 January 2024


~Offering Deeper Immersion into Anime Worlds and Soundtracks~

Film Concerts of Hanasaku Iroha in May and Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere in July!


Bandai Namco Music Live Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yoshitaka Tao, President) has initiated a new project titled “GEKIBAN LIVE PROJECT.”



Bandai Namco Music Live has been actively engaged in producing and managing not only music concerts but also film concerts that integrate visuals and stage performances with orchestral music across various works. Leveraging this expertise, we have launched the GEKIBAN LIVE PROJECT to offer opportunities for deeper immersion into the charm of soundtracks, which help to convey the world and emotions of the characters within respective works.


The performances will be presented in various formats, not limited to full orchestral arrangements, but also including string quartets, band ensembles, and other arrangements, depending on the atmosphere and content of the work. Furthermore, in addition to musical performances, elements such as video footage and artist vocals will also be incorporated to enhance audience enjoyment, with the aim of maximizing the overall charm.


We are scheduled to hold the Hanasaku Iroha Film Concert at Yokosuka Arts Theatre in Kanagawa on May 5, and the Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Film Concert at the Hall of the Forest 21 (Matsudo City Cultural Hall) on July 27.


Additionally, in collaboration with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, we have launched an initiative called Subscription Entertainment, with our company serving as an entertainment partner. Moving forward, we will continue to promote the appeal of anime and music, working toward the further growth and development of the Group’s IP business as a whole.


Hanasaku Iroha Film Concert



New-Project-GEKIBAN-LIVE-PROJECT-Film-Concert-Hanasaku-Iroha©2012 花いろ旅館組合


Anime: Hanasaku Iroha


Venue: Yokosuka Arts Theatre, Kanagawa


Date & Time: May 5, 2024
Afternoon show: Doors open at 13:00, show starts at 14:00
Night show: Doors open at 17:00, show starts at 18:00


Conductor: Gyouchi Yoshida

Music: Heartbeat Symphony

Performer: nano.RIPE



・Special reserved seat with merchandise: 9,900 yen (inc. tax)

Afternoon show: Comes with memories of Kissuiso acrylic block

Night show: Comes with memories of Kissuiso acrylic plate

・Regular reserved seat: 7,700 yen (inc. tax)


Sales information:

<Applications for pre-order (lottery) tickets are open!>

Application period: 12:00 on January 13 – 23:59 on January 30, 2024

Results announcement: 13:00 on February 3, 2024

Payment period: 13:00 on February 3, 2024 – 21:00 on February 7, 2024

Application URL:


*Only e-tickets can be applied for in advance.

*All times are shown in JST.


Event webpage:


Heartbeat Symphony is an orchestra affiliated with Heart Company Ltd.


Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Film Concert





Anime: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere


Venue: Large Hall, Hall of the Forest 21 (Matsudo City Cultural Hall)


Date: July 27, 2024

Afternoon & night shows


Conductor: Gyouchi Yoshida

Music: Heartbeat Symphony

Performer: Minori Chihara


Stay tuned for more details!


Heartbeat Symphony is an orchestra affiliated with Heart Company Ltd



Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra 2024 – 2025 season “Subscription Entertainment”



  • Masterpiece Soundtrack Travel and Subscription Entertainment No. 0 – Classicaloid Concert – Eve of an Age of Evolution for Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra




Anime: ClassicaLoid


Venue: Concert Hall, Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai (Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture)


Date & Time: March 20, 2024
Doors open at 14:00, show starts at 15:00

Conductor: Ken Takaseki

Piano: Shion Ota

Guest: EHAMIC (Music producer)

Soprano: Ena Miyachi

Baritone: Hideki Matayoshi

Cello solo: Susumu Miyake

Oboe solo: Kiyohiro Nishizawa

Orchestral music: Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra



All seats: 8,000 yen (inc. tax)


*This performance does not include any animation or visuals.


ClassicaLoid Concert Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra official webpage:


  • Performances No. 1 – 3



・No. 1: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

May 4, 2024


・No. 2: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam,

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack

August 10, 2024


No. 3: Aikatsu! series

March 20, 2025


Venue: Large Hall, Sendai Bank Hall Izumity 21


*Details for performances No. 1 – 3 will be announced at a later date

*These performances do not include any animation or visuals.


“Subscription Entertainment” Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra official website:


*Note: Press Release Text and pictures are from Bandai Namco and their respective owners



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