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“Dead or Online” update will be live on June 20th


Paris, June 19th – Amplitude Studios™ have announced “Dead or Online”, the latest update for their genre-blending roguelike ENDLESS™ Dungeon on June 20th, 3PM BST. The update will introduce Viggie the Locksmith, a brand-new hero co-created with the players through Amplitude’s innovative community platform Games2Gether.

Amplitude Studios has a long and fruitful history of co-creating games directly with their players via their community platform. For ENDLESS™ Space 2 they worked with players to create one of the game’s major factions, “the Unfallen” and during the development of their 4X strategy game HUMANKIND™, Amplitude consulted the community on what official mod the studio would create for the game.

ENDLESS™ Dungeon’s newest hero was co-created with the community over 5 months. Through Games2Gether, players were able to vote on seven key components including her origin story, personality, gameplay style, active skill, ultimate skill, alternate skin, and idle animation. All these decisions have led to Viggie the Locksmith.




Viggie (or V’jik) is Z’Vali, a people who are known for two curious traits: their fascination with all academic fields where science and philosophy intersect and their suspicion that the galaxy is a giant simulation, whose coders are keeping just one step ahead of them.

Seeking an answer to this question, Viggie undertook a series of expeditions to find the biggest surviving data centre of the Endless. Her reasoning was simple: if anyone could figure it out, they could, and if it’s true, that’s where she’ll find the details. Those inquiries led her to the Station, and now she wants her answers.

Viggie the Locksmith will be ready to play alongside the “Dead or Online” update this June 20th.




Available on PC and console, the latest update will include quality of life improvements and reworks on the crystal bot, turrets, heroes, and balancing. “Dead or Online” is out June 20th on PC. Here are some highlights:

• Viggie the Locksmith: A brand-new hero co-created with the Amplitude community.
• New turrets: The “Insta Havoc” turret will bring powerful explosions to defeat enemies whilst the “Healing Fountain” will help heal heroes in the area.
• New weapon: The new electric handgun named Cardiac Processing Unit will leave monsters stunned.

ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a tactical action rogue-lite game with a twist of tower defense. Play alone or with up to two friends in co-op as you try to make your way through the mysterious space station on which you find yourselves trapped. Players must protect their crystal from waves of oncoming monsters, if it dies, game over!


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Games2Gether is a unique community platform used and created by Amplitude Studios to foster a qualitative engagement between players and developers. It has since been adopted by many studios, including Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment and Two Point Studios.

For more information about ENDLESS™ Dungeon and the latest update, read Amplitude’s blog or visit endlessdungeon.game.



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