Meet Comrade, Endless™ Dungeon’s Resident Gunsmith and Get Dungeon Of The Endless™ For Free

Written by Ren

25 July 2023


The new hero reveal comes as a part of ENDLESS™ SUMMER, Amplitude’s community celebration from July 25th – 28th, when our previous game Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ is available for free to keep on Steam!

July 25th, 2023 – Our annual community celebration ENDLESS™ SUMMER is now live via our Twitch channel! For the next four days, we will be dropping news, updates, streams, freebies, and more as we celebrate another great year of collaborating with the best community in the ENDLESS™ Universe. We’re kicking things off with the 5th installment of our ENDLESS™ Dungeon Hero Reveal series, introducing the eclectic band of characters that will be at your side when you face the dungeon in our upcoming roguelite tactical action game, releasing October 19th on PC and console.


Meet Comrade


Comrade Oruz is a Remnant – an artificial being created to serve the mysterious ancient beings known as Endless. Remnants bore the formal title of “Bailiff” but were used to execute any sort of task — and, rumors had it, any sort of creature, being little better than glorified assassins. After events on the Station left Oruz ‘out of commission’, they had little to do for millennia but wait to be repaired — and think, quite extensively, about everything that happened around them.

Now, once again awakened and alert, they have discovered a few things: a Station in massive disrepair, massive gaps in their memory, and a massive desire to tear down the society that made them do the horrible things they did.

Watch the reveal here!



Comrade is a grade-A tinkerer, with the ability to create and repair turrets that will aid you in your quest to defend the crystal. Let’s check out their skills:

• To Arms! (Passive) — Shoves performed by this Hero on Research Terminals and Resource Generators repair them

• Comrade Turret (Special skill) — Creates an attacking Turret in front of this Hero

• Revolution (Ultimate) — Temporarily transforms this Hero’s Weapon into a static Turret


Get Dungeon of the Endless™ FREE on Steam


Take the edge off the final months of waiting for ENDLESS™ Dungeon with a quick round of its spiritual predecessor, Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ (aka DOTE). Our rogue-like pixel art project is free to keep on Steam if you add it to your library between July 25th and 28th.

Plus, you can snag both DLCs for free on the community platform while supplies last.


Check Out Streams, Updates and More


Last but not least, there’s lots more fun-in-the-sun (and by sun we mean indoors) activities available here!

Check out some special streams hosted by Two Angry Gamers, including ENDLESS™ Dungeon themed cocktail and mocktail recipes, exclusive ENDLESS™ Dungeon gameplay and updates, and a new choose your-own-adventure web comic series.

Finally, tune in on Day 2 for some HUMANKIND™ Updates and Horatio Dating sim gameplay. Follow along via our Twitch channel and the ENDLESS Summer hub.



We hope to see you there!

– The Ampliteam



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