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New Details on the Main Areas of Hawaii and on How you can Explore the Island Now Revealed Popular V-Tuber will also Appear as the Face of Kiryu’s Go-to-Bar, Revolve!

November 27, 2023 – SEGA has shared new details on the main areas of Hawaii—the series’ first overseas location—and how you can explore them in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam), slated for release on January 26, 2024.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a dramatic RPG that depicts the series’ most compelling tale to date. Two beloved characters take the spotlight as dual protagonists in this adventure—Ichiban Kasuga, a man who rises from rock bottom once again, and Kazuma Kiryu, who faces one final battle as he enters his twilight years.


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Experience one-of-a-kind combat with dynamic, fast-paced RPG battles where the battlefield becomes your weapon, and anything goes. With a plethora of new jobs, more in-depth customization, and plenty of ways to develop your characters. Battles have evolved into New Live Command RPG Battles with even more strategic elements. You can create the strongest party by adding new jobs, extensive customization, and training elements.


■ Tourist Hotspot Hawaii Makes its Debut!


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth takes place in the island paradise at the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Each area in Honolulu will have its own distinct scenery and vibe.


• Aloha Beach


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There’s no better place than Aloha Beach to enjoy the pristine waters of Hawaii.

One of the island’s most popular locations, visitors come from all over to surf or simply unwind on the beach. You can also swim with your party members here.

On the western side of the beach is a high-end hotel where you can soak in the sights, wine & dine, play darts, and enjoy other extravagancies.


• Anaconda


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This area is home to the Anaconda Shopping Center, which is the largest shopping complex in Hawaii.

The place is said to offer everything you could possibly want and more. It also offers a range of entertainment options, including arcade games and a selection of dining venues.’


• Waikīkī


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Waikīkī is the perfect place to go if you’re in the mood for some shopping. Make sure to stop by the Worldwide Market Village, which is teeming with souvenir shops and major brand retailers. If you’re in need of a more serene shopping experience, the backstreet is lined with shops that offer a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.


• Chinatown


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During the day, Chinatown comes alive with street vendors, produce markets, and the vibrant chatter of locals and tourists.
When night falls, the illustrious Nirvana Hotel towers over Chinatown, casting its gaze down on the district.


• Little Japan


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An area populated by the local Japanese community in Hawaii.

Little Japan boasts a sushi restaurant that is adored by both locals and visitors, along with a shrine. There are rumors that a mysterious mascot character can be found at the shrine as well.


• District Five


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Beyond the surface of its tourist-friendly facade, Honolulu conceals hidden secrets, one of which is District Five—a part of the city which has been taken over by local mafia.

This dangerous area remains off-limits to the public.


Hawaii Features a Ton of Other Areas for You to Explore!


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Shipper’s Wharf


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Cultural District


■ Interact with Friends at Kiryu’s Favorite Bar! Kei Also Makes an Appearance!


Hidden in a corner of Little Japan is Revolve, a modest karaoke bar that Kiryu frequents. Give ingredients you’ve collected to the bartender, and he’ll turn them into a meal, or bond with your companions there.


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kson, who won the grand prize in the Live Hostess Audition for Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, was selected to be the model for Kei.


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■ Fun ways of exploring the extensive landscape of Hawaii


In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you can travel by calling a taxi using the app, riding your Street Surfer, or catching a trolley bus. You’re also able to customize them and play mini-games.


• Customize your Street Surfer


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An electric scooter can be an extremely useful tool for getting around Hawaii. Your Street Surfer comes with a nifty function that will automatically take you to your destination. If the battery runs out, you won’t be able to move the scooter until you recharge it at one of the charging stations scattered across the city.

Furthermore, you can also customize the body and wheels of your Street Surfer, so modify it to your liking and have fun zooming across town!


• Record Suspicious Passengers on the Trolleybus!


Trolleybuses are a popular means of transportation in Hawaii. While onboard, you can chat with your friends, or play the Sicko Snap mini-game. The aim of Sicko Snap is to snap as many clear pictures of different sickos as you possibly can.



■ Tap Into the Island’s Bountiful Resources – Walk, Swim, and Grow Stronger!


There are potent recovery items, weapon materials, and rare equipment scattered throughout the city. The island is filled with hidden treasures, so leave no stone unturned! Search through palm trees, take a dip in the water, or even try rummaging through trash cans or peeking inside toilets to see what you might uncover!


Collecting Items and Ingredients:


• Palm Trees



Shake palm trees or destroy sandcastles on the beach to find ingredients or other items. Cooking can turn your ingredients into healing items that can be used during battle.


• Dumpsters



You can find rare weapon-strengthening items from dumpsters and obtain magazines from free handout boxes.


• Safes and Containers



Instead of finding safes like you would in Japan, there are containers stashed around Hawaii. To open them, you’ll need the right key, but they often contain powerful equipment or useful items that can be used to raise your stats.


• Swimming



Swim freely in the waters of Hawaii! You can dive into the ocean to find ingredients like fish and seaweed. You may even come stumble upon trash.


• Fishing



You can find people fishing around Hawaii. Borrow a fishing rod to join in on the pastime. When you feel a bite, quickly tap the corresponding button to reel it in. You can catch anything from seaweed and fish to some really rare ingredients, so make sure to give it a try!


• Paper Blessings



Kamulop, who, for some reason, once asked Kasuga to collect Tojo Clan crests in Yokohama. It seems that it has started working as a mascot character at a shrine in Hawaii. If you pick up paper blessings, you can hand them to Kamulop and exchange them for fortune points. You can
trade in fortune points for powerful weapons and amulets.

The points you gain from a paper blessing will vary depending on the fortune of the blessing, so try to collect as many Best Fortune slips as possible.



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