Introducing the Prologue and the Five Major Characters alongside an Overview of Two Powerful Organizations, the Omi Alliance, and the Daidoji Faction

June 21, 2023 – SEGA has released more information about the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam), including details about the prologue, five major characters who become involved with Kiryu, and two organizations from the game.

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To Protect his Loved Ones, He Steps into the Maelstrom of the Underworld Once More…


Once a legend in the yakuza world, Kazuma Kiryu faked his death and cut ties with his past. Deprived of any connections to his loved ones and the life that he had, he makes a deal with the Daidoji Faction and works for them under the codename Joryu.

One day, he is ordered to guard an illegal gold smuggling site in the Port of Yokohama. It was supposed to be an easy assignment, little more than loose change for the organization. As a former yakuza who had climbed up the ranks and even reached the seat of Chairman in the Tojo Clan, Kiryu exuded an enigmatic presence even amongst the Daidoji agents. After some envy-laced provocation from his peers, Kiryu lashes out impulsively.

This only deepens the feeling of emptiness that has swallowed up his life.

However, at that moment a mysterious group suddenly appears before him. A deal that no soul should’ve known about is suddenly shut down, and amidst the resulting chaos, the group seems to recognize Kiryu.

They cannot be allowed to simply disappear into the shadows. Though he had severed all ties to his past, Kazuma Kiryu finds himself stepping into the maelstrom of the underworld once more.

Five Major Characters

• Kosei Shishido

“If ya wanna beat me, yer gonna have to kill me. Cause there ain’t no rules…when it’s a fight to the death!”

The Watase Family’s ace in the hole.

A lieutenant of the Watase Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary

Portrayed by Yasukaze Motomiya

The Watase Family is the most powerful group within the Omi Alliance and is led by Masaru Watase, who is next-in-line to become chairman of the alliance. A capable lieutenant within the family, Shishido wields deadly weapons without any regard for his victims’ lives. He commands authority through terror and intimidation.

• Yuki Tsuruno

“Ain’t no point tryin’ to play dumb. I’m just doin’ the job they gave me.”

A yakuza sworn to the Watase Family. A captain of the Watase Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary

Portrayed by Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi

Tsuruno is a captain of Watase Family and its second highest-ranking member. A bold and meticulous planner, he leads the group in the absence of its head with loyalty and tenacity. He has laid a mountain of traps to ensnare Kiryu.

• Akame

“Yer really hopeless without me, aren’t ya, Joryu?”

A shadowy figure who knows the ins and outs of Sotenbori.

Sotenbori’s Jack-Of-All-Trades

Portrayed by First Summer Uika

Akame is a jack-of-all-trades based in Sotenbori, Osaka. She is deeply acquainted with the city’s underbelly thanks to her Akame Network, which spans across every nook and cranny of the city. She also acts as an intermediary for a certain person, guiding them to their destination.

Homare Nishitani III

“That ain’t yer real name, is it? Yer a man who’s supposed to be six feet under.”

Third patriarch of the Kijin Clan, a direct subsidiary of the Omi Alliance.

Patriarch of the Kijin Clan, an Omi Alliance subsidiary

Portrayed by Kim Jaeuck

Nishitani is a young yakuza who quickly rose up through the ranks and took over as head of the Kijin Clan. His dashing looks betray the madness swirling beneath. He loves nothing more than to put his life on the line in a fight to the death. Within the Omi Alliance, Nishitani is an immensely influential figure on par with Watase.

Kihei Hanawa

“I have another job for you. As Joryu.”

A veteran handler that relies more on smooth-talking than brawn.

Leader of the Daidoji Faction

Portrayed by Hiroki Tochi

As a handler for the Daidoji Faction, Hanawa serves as the only point of contact between Kazuma Kiryu and the outside world. His interactions with Kiryu are strictly professional and lack any warmth.

He shows no hesitancy in reprimanding the legendary yakuza.

Two Powerful Organizations in the Underworld: the Omi Alliance and the Daidoji Faction

Omi Alliance

Based in Osaka, this alliance is Japan’s largest yakuza organization. With the decline of their main rival, the Tojo Clan, their territory will soon encompass the entire country.

Daidoji Faction

A group that secretly inherited the wealth and political influence of the late Minoru Daidoji, “the Fixer”. They are deeply rooted in the underbelly of the political and business world.




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