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August 14, 2023 – SEGA has released the latest information about ATLUS’ new tactical RPG Persona 5 Tactica, including details about the main characters and battle systems. Persona 5 Tactica is scheduled to release on November 17, 2023, on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam.

Four characters, Yusuke Kitagawa, Makoto Nijima, Futaba Sakura, and Haru Okumura, and their new character illustrations have been revealed. Battle elements from the game will be introduced, such as swapping out characters, attacks from higher ground, enemy types, and the always changeable difficulty level. In addition, an English-subtitled edition of the second episode of Nyahoo News, a program that delivers the latest information about Persona 5 Tactica, was released a few days ago. This video provides details on the Kingdoms; the tyrant Marie; three characters that appear in the game, including Toshiro Kasukabe; and the basics of combat. Make sure to check it out!


• Main Characters


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Yusuke Kitagawa (Voice: Tomokazu Sugita)
Persona: Goemon

Yusuke is a second-year student and aspiring artist enrolled in the art program at Kosei High School.

His paintings have received high praise. In the past, his talent was being exploited by his own mentor. He comes to realize this after meeting the Phantom Thieves and witnessing the truth in the Metaverse, eventually deciding to part ways with him.

With newly awakened Persona abilities, he joins the Phantom Thieves’ cause. Though appears to be a handsome and well-mannered young man at first glance, Yusuke’s extreme devotion to the arts often leads to him making eccentric remarks, bewildering those around him.


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Makoto Nijima (Voice: Rina Sato)
Persona: Johanna

Makoto is a third-year student at Shujin Academy. Due to the influence of her strict older sister, she bound herself to the life of an exemplary honor student.

Used as a tool by corrupt adults, she finally breaks out of her shell, awakens her Persona abilities, and joins the Phantom Thieves. As the student council president, Makoto is a natural leader within the group. She pummels enemies with her knuckles during battles. Even Ryuji fears her Fist of Justice.


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Futaba Sakura (Voice: Aoi Yuki)
Persona: Necronomicon

Futaba is a genius hacker who once made waves in the world. She became a shut-in after corrupt adults led her to believe that she was responsible for her mother’s death. Due to this lifestyle, she became afraid of people and found socializing difficult.
After regaining her real memories, she awakens her Persona abilities. Futaba acts as a navigator for the Phantom Thieves, supporting the group from the back.


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Haru Okumura (Voice: Haruka Tomatsu)
Persona: Milady

Haru is the heiress of Okumura Foods, a major food service company. In the past, her father forced her into an arranged political marriage, and she lived every day by repressing her own desires.

After awakening her Persona abilities, she obtains the courage to free herself from her father’s chains. Her father passes away later, but she overcomes her grief and continues to fight. While Haru is a kindhearted girl who has a strong sense of justice, she is also a bit sheltered and eccentric, often referring to herself as the “Beauty Thief”.


• New Information about the Combat System


o Switch between characters at any time with the press of a button!


During your turn, you can switch between your three characters on the battlefield at any time with the press of a button.
You can move your characters and alternate between them as much as you want before performing an action. Use this freedom to plan out your moves carefully.


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▲ Switch between your characters—Makoto, Yusuke, and Joker—and plan out your strategy.


Tip: Switching between controlled characters is an important tool for setting up a spectacular Triple Threat (All-Out Attack). By continually alternating between members of your party, you can set up a larger attack area and hit more enemies!


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o Knock down enemies from high Places! Deal heavy damage with follow-up attacks!


In this game, being positioned on the high ground is advantageous. If there are enemies located in a high place, you can close in on them and knock them down to the ground!

If you hit them toward an ally waiting on the ground, they can perform a Follow-Up Attack, dealing additional damage and granting a One More!


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◂ Before knocking down an enemy, position an ally near where they will land!
A “FOLLOW-UP!” dialog box will appear when a Follow-Up Attack is possible!


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▲ Your ally will fire upon the midair enemy, and you’ll be granted a One More!


o A variety of enemy types!


In addition to the standard Musketeer, a large variety of Legionnaires will appear in the game, such as the Grenadier, a unit that will fly towards you and counterattack, and the Little Drummer – a unit that specializes in providing buffs and healing!


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• Musketeer: Specializes in shooting from a distance


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Grenadier: A melee specialist that dashes towards foes and counters upon being attacked


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• Little Drummer: Though they’re not a threat on their own, this enemy can heal and buff their allies, making battles all the more difficult


o Fallen ally? No problem! Also, change the difficulty at any time!


By performing a Baton Pass, you can swap an ally on the battlefield with one in reserve. This applies to fallen allies as well! Summon reinforcements and keep on moving forward!

Also, this game comes with five difficulty levels. If you can’t achieve victory, or if your battles have become stale, try changing the difficulty!


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▲ If an ally’s HP runs out, you can perform a Baton Pass to replace them with one in reserve. This can be done until you run out of Baton Passes.


o Get stronger by fusing personas! Meet a blacksmith-style lavenza!


The Velvet Room in this game is occupied by a blacksmith-style Lavenza!

This rendition of the room resembles a refinery from the Industrial Revolution. Here, you can perform fusions with familiar Personas from the series!

Fuse the Personas you obtain through combat and grow even stronger!


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• Second Episode of Nyahoo News Released


The second English-subtitled episode of Nyahoo News was released a few days ago. This program is hosted by Morgana of the Phantom Thieves and delivers the latest updates about Persona 5 Tactica. In this episode, you can learn about the Kingdoms and the tyrant Marie; three characters, including the politician Toshiro Kasukabe; the basics of battle; and other gameplay elements like the skill tree and conversations. Make sure to check it out!

Persona 5 Tactica Nyahoo News VOL.2:



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Pre-orders are currently available on the Microsoft Store (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows), PlayStation™Store (PS4™, PS5™), and Steam. Nintendo Switch™ users can add the title to their Wish Lists.

Players who purchase the game early will receive the Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro Personas as a limited bonus*.


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*Limited bonus content is subject to change without prior notice. The content from the limited bonus will only be available while stocks last.

**All footage shown is from the Japanese edition of the game which is still under development. English support will be available on release.



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