21 March 2024 – Singapore-based publisher Soft Source Publishing, in association with Krakatoa Studios, a group of game developers who are committed to creating a game with a new hybrid genre where players will have original and memorable gaming experience, is pleased to announce the digital release of Fractals of Destiny on Steam, 6 April 2024.

Experience the captivating world of FRACTALS OF DESTINY, a hybrid RPG game that combines turn-based tactics with thrilling action sequences. Dive into a rich narrative filled with interconnected side quests that add depth to the main storyline, inviting players to uncover hidden surprises by paying close attention to clues. With no paid DLC for cosmetic items, players can freely customize their character with a variety of weapons, gears and themed items collected throughout the game. Immerse yourself in a sophisticated and engaging gameplay experience unlike any other!

Game Features

  • Semi Open World Exploration: Allow players to explore a vast and immersive world filled with diverse landscapes, cities, and hidden secrets.
  • Epic Storyline: Create a rich and engaging narrative and character-driven quests that immerse players in the game world. 
  • Character Customization: Offer a wide range of options for players to customize characters skills, abilities, and playstyles.
  • Skill-based Progression: Provide a skill-based progression system that allows players to unlock and improve abilities and talents as they gain experience and level up, enabling deeper specialization and customization of their characters.
  • Dynamic Combat System: A new combat mechanism, packed with stunning action and satisfying gameplay with various weapons, magic spells, and special abilities to master.
  • Crafting and Itemization: Implement a robust crafting system that lets players gather resources, craft weapons, armor, potions, and other items to enhance their characters’ abilities and customize their gear.
  • Sub-Mission System: Implement a sub-mission system that complements the main storyline and contract missions, offering players optional objectives, side quests, and additional content to explore.
  • Achievement Rewards: Provide rewards for completing certain types or numbers of sub-missions, encouraging players to explore all aspects of the game and engage with its content.
  • Character Progression: Provide a satisfying sense of character progression through leveling up, acquiring new abilities, and unlocking powerful talents or perks as players advance through the game.
  • Legendary Boss Fights: An epic and challenging boss encounters with unique mechanics, phases, and strategies.

Visual and Audio Immersion: Deliver stunning graphics, atmospheric sound design, and an epic soundtrack to immerse players in the game world and enhance the overall gaming experience

Game Information

Digital Release Date: 6 April 2024

Platform: Steam

Genre: Action RPG, Action JRPG

Players: Single-player

Languages: English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian

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About Krakatoa Studios

Krakatoa Studios are formed from a group of game developers who are committed to creating a game with a new hybrid genre where players will have original and memorable gaming experience.

About Soft Source Publishing

Soft Source Pte Ltd is a publisher known for publishing many games in Asia including the recently released The Legend of Tianding, DreadOut 2, Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos, Grime and many more.

©2024 PT KRAKATOA STUDIO GEMILANG © FRACTALS OF DESTINY. All Rights Reserved. LOGO, CHARACTER DESIGN & IMAGE: © KRAKATOA STUDIO. Licensed to and published by Soft Source Pte Ltd



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