October 20, 2023, Metro Manila, PhilippinesRE:NEGADE – HEYU’s first generation – releases their debut single “READY:GO”. The track “READY:GO” is an empowering pop song highlighting the vocal prowess of the members of RE:NEGADE, with a dynamic and energizing beat, and a blend of multiple musical styles to inspire listeners to chase their dreams and reach for the heavens. Listen to the song and watch the music video on HEYU’s official YouTube channel.



Rooted from Electro-Pop, HipHop, and K/DA-inspired production and layered harmonies – “READY:GO” is a catchy, LSS-inducing earworm about overcoming life’s hurdles and using it as fuel to get out of the proverbial “rabbit hole” to be the best version of yourself. The song also doubles as a vocal and musical showcase for members JACKI3, GEMI9 and RU VII. “1, 2, 3 just follow my lead! Take the crown, break it down, burn it to the ground,” RE:NEGADE sings with grit on the chorus to the march of heavy percussion and staccato beats, with a playful adage to the numbers in their name. “7, 9 ,3 on the throne: Renegade ready go!”



More than connecting with their fellow dreamers through their regular content streams on YouTube, RE:NEGADE aims to share their pursuit of dreams and collection of heartbreaks through the power of music. For their launch party stream, Filipino local acts Ena Mori and Oh, Flamingo! will be featured as guest performers. Ru VII, the group’s leader, also makes it a goal to perform live as a group someday.


The virtual girl group plans to collaborate with other local music artists and vtubers through song covers and other content. Expect them to release another single by the end of the year.



Earlier this month, RE:NEGADE also released their first official song covers which you can listen to from their official YouTube channels.



Ru VII – K/DA – I’ll Show You





Jacki3 – Flow – GO!!! (that Fighting Dreamers song from Naruto)





Gemi9 – Fujii Kaze – Workin’ Hard





With “READY:GO”, RE:NEGADE is now out from the rabbit hole and ready to reach for the heavens no matter what it takes.









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About HEYU:


HEYU is a virtual talent agency that develops and empowers virtual talents by offering comprehensive production and marketing support. The HEYU team is dedicated to empowering every young upstart, being relentless in the pursuit of dreams, and doing it in the coolest way possible. With its first generation of virtual talents, RE:NEGADE – composed of Jacki3, Gemi9, and Ru VII – HEYU aims to be the hope of every young underdog.


“HEYU can do it!”


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