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Brand New Company’s virtual talent agency dubbed HEYU recently debuted its first generation band called RE:NEGADE last August, and Sakura Index got to interview its members!




The band consists of three very interesting personalities and talents. Jacki3, the rebel robo-rapper of the band. Ru Vii, the half-blooded vampire sorceress with abs of steel. Finally, we got Gemi9, the band’s Siren Songstress. All three combine for one of the most exciting trio you’ll see online!


Sakura Index had the opportunity to interview them after their band meeting (check it out here). We asked the trio some general questions before we went in-depth and asked some one-on-one questions. Please check out our short interview with the band called RE:NEGADE.

Do you have any ‘oshi’ or influences in the VTuber scene?


Ru VII: Pewdiepie and Asmongold. Wait, they aren’t VTubers? Uh… Fine. The truth is, I am a NIJI fan but I won’t disclose specifically who my oshis/kami oshis are because I might die (even as an immortal being) if they perceive me. (But I’m also hoping someday they will perceive me when I’m worthy enough.)

Gemi9: I do have oshis, but I don’t think I’m worthy of name-dropping them. They’re amazing singers with millions of followers, just natural entertainers— which I aspire to be. It would probably take me a lifetime to even catch up to them if I’m lucky.

Jacki3: Trixie Mattel continue to be an inspiration to me to this day. Yes. Nobody said the oshi had to be a VTuber right? Ok jokes aside, yes they are. I mostly follow indie VTubers and as much as I wanna name them, the last thing I want is to embarrass myself as being a huge geek about them. Y’all will only find out when I finally get to collaborate with them (manifesting!!)

What kind of content are you looking to make other than gaming streams?


Ru VII: A whole lot of music. We are a band we are a band we are a band we are a band… And a bunch of random content I enjoy. I also want to keep trying new things and stream ideas. Plus, I wanna be able to organize huge collabs with other VTubers/streamers!

Gemi9: I started doing this in hopes of creating and sharing (badass) music, so please look forward to that. I simply enjoy hanging out with viewers, just chatting and playing around.

Jacki3: Definitely a bunch of music, maybe a cooking stream, and random PowerPoints about weird topics I find fun!!! IDK, I’ve always liked knowing a bunch of weird stuff that has absolutely no bearing on anyone’s life whatsoever. It’s kinda like a party trick of mine to just know obscure random shit.





How big is the pressure right now on those directives given by Mugen? Especially the target of…..‘millions’?


Ru VII: Extremely huge. I still have to cast a spell to hypnotize— I mean, I still have to cast a spell to create an army of— Nevermind. We are probably not gonna reach the millions.

Gemi9: Wait– he said millions? starts to dissociate

Jacki3: Look, Mugen never specified the fans had to be people. Or alive.

Ru VII: Seriously though, regarding the other directives (original song and MV), I think we are going the right direction and I can’t wait to finally share it with everyone! Extremely proud to be working with talented musicians and artists.






Since we’ve been getting this question to ask to Ms. Ru…fine. How does one maintain such a good set of abs?


Ok so, who exactly is asking this? I honestly get shy talking about the abs… but if you must know, I feel like being a vampire-sorceress hybrid helps? So just find a way you can be a vampire and get some powers too? I don’t know, it worked for me. Plus, proper diet and exercise. AND CONSISTENCY! Like, even if you are lazy to do your daily workout, even if it’s raining, even if you are busy and have no time… HEYUcandoit. HEYUhavenochoicebuttodothis.


What’s your spoiler-free feedback on the live-action version of One Piece?


(Sanji’s) chef’s kiss! It really shows that everyone part of the team behind it are fans. I mean, the fact that Oda himself approves! It definitely hits what One Piece is all about at its core. It has the heart. The casting is perfection. And the best part? A lot of people are now watching the anime or reading the manga because of it. SO IF YOU HAVEN’T, PLEASE WATCH IT.



We noticed you listed Genshin Impact. Who is your main in Genshin Impact and why?


First of all, thank you for the Genshin question. This reminds me that I have to catch up on a lot of backlogs. My favorite main is Eula because she is my wife. Amen. Second favorite main is Itto because I enjoy the unga bunga (and also hearing the English VA, Max Mittelman, a.k.a. Ryuji from Persona 5 gives me so much joy. FOR REAL)

What is your go-to team for world exploration?


The Archons. Zhongli (shield and pillar to reach higher things), Venti (to fly up places), Nahida (because, full disclosure, I’m still working through parts of Sumeru), and Raiden (I love watching her walk– I mean– In case we get attacked).


Finally, will you roll for Neuvillette or Wriothesley?


Realistically none because I’m broke and I have to save for the Archon, Focalors. (As an Archon collector.) But, in an ideal situation where I have a lot of primos… It’s Wriothesley. I love someone who can throw a good punch. (Also have you seen his biceps?) I MEAN– He’s a great character and will be a great addition to my team, technical-wise you know? Totally not because he’s hot.

Honestly, if I’m rich, I would roll for both of them because I also collect daddies in this game. I’m normal I swear.






If you could collaborate in a song with any rapper (past or present) who would it be?


It ain’t cheating if I choose 3 people right? Because y’all are getting 3 choices from me. First would definitely be Childish Gambino. I first heard him from Adventure Time when he did Marshall Lee then it all went downhill from there when I started listening to his other stuff like Bonfire??? Peak music.

Second would be Amber Liu. I was never deep into the kpop rabbit hole but when I was introduced to f(x), I immediately locked in on Amber because of how different she looked and sounded from the usual Kpop-style rapping. You bet your ass I’m doing a cover of one of her songs soon!!

And third, would be Mori Calliope. I mean. I feel like this would be an obvious choice but it’s an obvious choice for good reason. Her flow and attitude is sick as hell. When it comes to rap, for me, it’s all about those two aspects and she’s definitely got that to the T.


With the detachable limbs feature, how long is the range of your rocket punch?


Ya know Imma be real with ya for a sec. I’ve actually not tested that out yet. I mean, I’ve tested out that I can fly with the built-in rocket soles. I’ve tested the built-in guns on my palms and fingers. But actually rocket punching someone??? Damn, maybe we can see if it can get farther than my life goals.



I fully agree with the idea of the duck army. Who will be your general and what will you name your duck general as? Maybe General Quack Quack?


THANK YOU! FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME. My general will be the duck that tried to buy grapes from the lemonade stand and he will be called Napoleon Bonaquack. With him, he will have all the Ducks from Ducktales and we will conquack the world.






What’s your opinion on mint flavored ice cream (mint ice cream or even choco mint ice cream)


Whoever invented it probably liked eating their toothpaste. I only like my mint as a candy, I don’t really enjoy it with chocolate. Eugh. I always have a can of mint with me wherever I go (sugarfree), but you won’t ever see me combining it with anything sweet. Why did they have to ruin mint like that?


Who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? (Or…any cartoon character turtle?)


I’m very ashamed to say that I have not seen an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only cartoon turtle I know is that one cool dude from the movie Nemo.



We saw you try the Dream Daddy dating sim. Will you consider trying “I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” in the future?


Only if I lost to some bet. I’m down to try any games, but WHY does it have to be this? Yes, I’m asking the interviewer this time.


If you aren’t Gemi9, what other name would you have gone by instead?

Geminyan. Gemifine. Gemigemi. I don’t really know, I didn’t want to be perceived in the first place.



There you have it! That’s our short interview with the band called RE:NEGADE!


Please do check out their respective YouTube channels online. You can find them on the links below.


Jacki3 YouTube:

Ru VII YouTube:

Gemi9 YouTube:


To know more details about HEYU and RE:NEGADE, check out the links below:



We would like to thank Jacki3, Ru Vii, and Gemi9 for this short but sweet interview. Sakura Index hopes to get another chance to interact with them in the near future. We wish to also thank the Heyu Team and Brand New Company for making this interview possible.



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