February 9, 2023SEGA has announced the upcoming Samba de Amigo: Party Central, coming summer of 2023 for the Nintendo Switch™.






The fun, accessible rhythm games of the Samba de Amigo series won popularity on arcade machines, the Dreamcast, and the Wii. Now, a brand-new title is coming your way!

Using your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as maracas, line up the maracas with dots on the screen at the right angle, wait for the right moment, and shake ’em! Follow on-screen instructions to dance or strike a pose, and groove to the beat of hit songs.




You might also be suddenly hit with a “roulette”! These random challenges like high-fiving the audience or dealing with a tempo change bring an extra level of excitement!






With a range of different modes to enjoy, you can enjoy Samba de Amigo: Party Central whether you’re going solo or bopping with your friends.

The online-only mode “World Party“ is a nail-biting, 20-person dance-off between CPU characters and up to 8 players where, one by one, the lowest-scoring contestant gets knocked out!






The game includes over 40 tracks spanning a range of genres from around the world, from EDM and Pop to the Latin songs familiar to the series. With new, festival-themed levels and colorful levels reappearing from previous Samba de Amigo titles, as well as character costume customization, there’s plenty of content to satisfy the completionists out there.




The release date and other details about the game will be available at a later date, so stay tuned for future announcements!








*Note: Images shown have been captured during development.



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