The ENDLESS™ Dungeon Official Website Has Been Renewed Along with the Release of a New Feature Trailer!



September 21st, 2023 – Get ready for the ENDLESS™ Experience at Tokyo Game Show 2023! SEGA is pleased to announce that ENDLESS™ Dungeon, a space-western tactical-action rogue-lite game with a twist of tower defense from Amplitude Studios has demos available at Tokyo Game Show 2023! From September 23rd to September 24th Tokyo Game Show 2023 attendees can face the station at Makuhari Messe, SEGA Booth.



In ENDLESS ™ Dungeon, you find yourself stranded in a mysterious abandoned space station. Your goal is to fight your way to the exit all the while protecting your crystal from never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again!



Watch the new ENDLESS™ Dungeon feature trailer below





In addition, the ENDLESS™ Dungeon website has also been renewed for a better experience! Be sure to check out the website here: https://asia.sega.com/endlessdungeon/en/


Alternatively, you can visit the SEGA/ATLUS Tokyo Game Show 2023 Official Website here to find out more about ENDLESS™ Dungeon



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