Sonic Superstars Official Release - 01 KV

Sonic Superstars is Releasing Tomorrow, October 17th

October 16, 2023 – SEGA is pleased to introduce more details about Sonic Superstars, which is scheduled to release on October 17, 2023 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, and Steam. Learn more about the four playable characters’ unique abilities and the new Emerald Powers to debut in the Sonic series.


Unique Character Abilities


Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles all have access to the same basic maneuvers; they can run, jump, and execute Spin Dashes, but they also come with their own special, exclusive abilities as well!


Sonic Superstars Character Abilities - 01 KV



Sonic’s unique Drop Dash lets him perform a Spin Dash immediately after landing. Press and hold the Jump button while mid-jump to execute it.


Sonic Superstars Character Abilities - 02



Fly as Tails by repeatedly tapping the Jump button. If a friend grabs onto Tails while he’s mid-flight, he’ll carry them with him. Tails can also deal damage with his tail when flying.


Sonic Superstars Character Abilities - 03



Amy can unleash a hammer attack after landing. To perform it, press and hold the Jump button while midjump. She can also double jump by pressing the Jump button again when already in the air. Use Amy’s hammer to bash enemies and break down walls!




Glide as Knuckles by pressing the Jump button while mid-jump. When Knuckles glides over to a wall, he can latch onto it and climb it by moving up and down. If a wall is blocking your path, Knuckles can demolish it with his fists.

Brand-New Emerald Powers

Unlock brand-new Emerald Powers by collecting Chaos Emeralds from Special Stages hidden throughout Acts. Emerald Powers offer various abilities such as creating clones to defeat enemies and swimming up waterfalls. After you activate an Emerald Power, you can use the ability as many times as you want within the time limit. If you run out of time, just run past a Star Post to replenish your Emerald Power timer. Try out each Emerald Power for yourself and discover new ways to experience this high-speed adventure!

▼ A glimpse at the different Emerald Powers!




Creates a horde of clones that will destroy objects, clobber enemies, and collect Rings and items for you.




Transforms your character into a ball of fire and allows you to blast off in any direction. You can use this ability as many times as you want within the time limit.




Reveals hidden platforms and Rings in Acts.




Transforms your character’s body into water and allows you to swim up waterfalls and move freely underwater. You can also ram enemies while you’re underwater. As long as you have time on the clock, there’s no need to come up for air, and you won’t be affected by the water currents.




Sprouts a vine from your character’s position to help you get around. You can also control the direction of the vine as it’s growing.




Slows down the movements of objects and platforms. This ability will come in handy when faced with obstacles and other high-speed contraptions.




Bestows a powerful attack onto the wielder. The effect will vary based on the character. For example, Knuckles will be able to fire shockwaves at his enemies.



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