Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Minigames - 16

Indulge in a plethora of captivating minigames set in the beautiful landscape of Hawaii!


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December 13, 2023 – SEGA has shared more information about the mini-games in the upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam) releasing on January 26, 2024. This latest installment offers the widest range of minigames in the series, including Dondoko Island, Crazy Delivery, and Miss Match.


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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a dramatic RPG that depicts the series’ most compelling tale to date. Two beloved characters take the spotlight as dual protagonists in this adventure—Ichiban Kasuga, a man who rises from rock bottom once again, and Kazuma Kiryu, who faces one final battle as he enters his twilight years.

Experience one-of-a-kind combat with dynamic, fast-paced RPG battles where the battlefield becomes your weapon, and anything goes. With a plethora of new jobs, more in-depth customization, and plenty of ways to develop your characters. Battles have evolved into New Live Command RPG Battles with even more strategic elements. You can create the strongest party by adding new jobs, extensive customization, and training elements.




• Dondoko Island:


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Turn the island from rock bottom to high-end resort!


After rescuing a turtle at Aloha Beach, Kasuga is invited to a small island called Dondoko Island, which was once a bustling resort that has fallen under hard times from illegal dumping.

The source of the island’s woes is a corrupt waste disposal company known as the Washbucklers, who occupy areas of the island, invade the resort, and harass the locals.

Inspired by the islanders’ hospitality and determined to fulfill their dream of turning the island into a five-star resort, Kasuga decides to assist in reviving Dondoko Island.

With the help of the island’s mascots, Gachapin and Mukku, transform the island into a top-tier resort.


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Key Characters on Dondoko Island:


Gachapin & Mukku


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Gachapin the Dinosaur and Mukku the Yeti provide helpful tips about Dondoko Island. They also liven up island tours with their entertaining island-wide broadcasts.




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The owner of Dondoko Island. Just as he was about to abandon hope on reclaiming the island’s resort status, he meets Kasuga. Together, they pledge to revive Dondoko Island.

His shop, Matayoshiya, sells furniture and specialties.


Saya and Yui


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Saya and Yui are modeled after real-life weather forecasters, Saya Hiyama and Yui Komaki, from Weathernews LiVE.


They work at Dondoko Farm, which is on a small island close to Dondoko Island. The duo provide assistance with agriculture, resource gathering, funding, and other endeavors.

Both of them are early risers as if they were seasoned morning weathercasters.


Furnish the Island with Your DIY Creations!


Obtain resources by destroying trash, wood, and rocks around the island. Your DIY know-how will expand as you create more items.

You can build all sorts of items from chairs and tables to vehicles and cabaret clubs. Create trendy furniture and buildings to turn Dondoko Island into the coolest destination ever!


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Add Your Own Personal Touch to the Island with DIY


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Utilize your DIY creations to create your very own dream paradise—build a cozy cafe, yakuza hideout, urban escape, or even a nature park!

The more you decorate the island, the more satisfied your guests will be. In addition to DIY, you can also purchase and arrange tiles and fences to further elevate the ambiance of your resort.


Satisfied Customers Equals More Money for Dondoko!


As the island’s popularity grows, the influx of guests seeking accommodation will rise. Once you decide on the guests to accommodate and start the lodging tour, the island will spring to life.

You may even see some familiar faces among your guests.

The higher the guest’s approval during their stay, the more money you receive. Since each guest has different preferences, try to be creative with the furniture and other elements on the island to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


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Welcome Uninvited Guests with a Bat!


The Washbucklers roam the island, bringing chaos and mischief wherever they go. Defeating them will earn you Dokobucks, the island’s unique currency, and also unlocks new areas.

Defend Dondoko Island in action-packed battles—dodge attacks while fending off enemies with your bat. You can also use sweeping strikes to take down multiple enemies at once.


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• Crazy Delivery:



Pick up food and deliver it in style! Let’s get crazy!


Strapped for cash, Kasuga decides to tap into his past experience collecting empty cans on his bicycle and accepts a food delivery job with Crazy Eats.

In Crazy Delivery, it’s important to showcase that “Crazy is captivating.” Earn money by making delivery runs. Perform sick stunts on your route to earn better tips and boost your income!

Try drifting along streets and pulling off tricks and wheelies as you race across Hawaii to transport food to your hungry customers.



• Miss Match



Try connecting with stunning women from across the globe using the hottest new matchmaking app!


Kasuga encounters a fortune teller and app developer named Machiko-san in Hawaii, who introduces him to a trendy dating app.

Although initially hesitant, Kasuga is intrigued by the notion that the app could increase his masculine appeal, so he decides to give it a try.

In Miss Match, the objective is to meet girls and go on dates with them.

Start by editing Kasuga’s profile message and icon to create a profile that’s sure to be a hit with the ladies. When chatting with a girl, choose responses and emoji that will make them happy and liven up the conversation. Once successfully wooed, it’s time for Kasuga’s long-awaited face-to-face meeting with the girl! Will she turn out to be all you ever imagined and more?

Going on dates with girls will improve Kasuga’s personality stats. Use the app to date different girls and build up your manhood!





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