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The HD remasters of ATLUS’ timeless Etrian Odyssey series are releasing on June 1st, 2023!

May 12, 2023 – Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ and Steam on June 1st, 2023. Here’s the latest on Etrian Odyssey II HD, one of the three titles in the collection, as well as the new features added to the remastered editions!

About the Etrian Odyssey Series

Etrian Odyssey is a 3D dungeon-crawling RPG series where players select five adventurers from a variety of classes and combine their skills to search for an immense treasure sleeping within a vast labyrinth, all while creating a unique and personalized map.

The labyrinths are complex and inhabited by fierce monsters. Reach their inner depths by tracking your path on a fresh map, taking notes of any hidden shortcuts, plants, minerals, and treasure chests you encounter on the way.

Etrian Odyssey Origin Collections features three adventures with newly added quality-of-life elements such as difficulty selection, auto-mapping function, and more. Additionally, the labyrinths have been born anew with vibrant, high-definition graphics.

Experience an Enhanced Adventure in Etrian Odyssey II HD

01 - Etrian Odyssey II

“In the far reaches of the northern continent lies High Lagaard. Legends say that there is a floating castle beyond Yggdrasil, the tree at the heart of the city. One day, a massive, labyrinthine dungeon containing mysterious ruins and unknown plants and animals was discovered inside Yggdrasil. High Lagaard’s Duke traveled to every corner of the continent in order to investigate the Labyrinth and uncover the truth behind the floating castle. Discover the secrets behind the Labyrinth and a legend about a flying castle! The stage is set for a brand new adventure in High Lagaard.”

In Etrian Odyssey II HD, You Can Choose from 12 Different Classes!

02 - Etrian Odyssey II

The Labyrinth can be challenged by a party of five members, whose classes and portraits can be chosen by the player. There are a total of twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey II HD—nine classes from the original and three all-new classes.

Each class has also been given a new portrait in the HD remasters, for a total of five portraits per class!

The Three Brand New Classes Added to Etrian Odyssey II HD

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An Adventure Guide for Etrian Odyssey II HD – Make Use of Force Skills!

Each class has access to Force Skills from the beginning. Unlike ordinary skills, Force Skills do not require TP to be used. Instead, they can be activated when the Force gauge is maxed out. This gauge fills up when performing certain actions during the battle, such as attacking, using skills, defending, and taking damage from enemies.

Alchemists’ Force Skill: Eschaton

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Each class possesses unique Force Skills ranging from powerful attacks, recovery skills that remove status ailments, and buff abilities that boost your stats. The Force gauge will be completely depleted whenever you use a Force Skill, so make sure to use them when the time is right!

Watch Out for Various Traps inside the Labyrinth!

While many useful things can be found in the Labyrinth, like giant crates filled with items or Geomagnetic Poles, there are also many traps and obstacles scattered throughout that will impede your exploration. At times, you may be forced to step into a trap to open up a new path. Whenever you encounter one of these obstacles, make sure to mark it on your map with an icon.

Inside the Labyrinth are giant crates filled with items. They are not guarded by monsters or booby-trapped, so open them up right away when you see them!

Geomagnetic Poles connect the town to the Labyrinth and act as save points. After you’ve used a Pole to return to town, you can warp back to the Pole from town.

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There are hidden passages tucked away in some of the walls and discovering them will unlock convenient shortcuts. Some doors are locked and can only be opened by activating some sort of mechanism.

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Some parts of the floor in the Labyrinth may be icy. Stepping on them will make you slide in that direction until you bump into something or the ice ends. There are also hazardous sections of the floor that will damage you if you step on them, so make sure to explore with the utmost caution.

Locations That Will Assist you Throughout Your Adventure!

The town contains plenty of helpful places that will aid you in your journey.

Flaus Inn

Staying overnight at the inn will recover your party’s HP and TP. Items can also be stored away here.

Lagaard Hospital

You can treat your status ailments here, including ones that will not recover naturally like “death” or “petrify”.

Sitoth Trading

A store that manufactures, sells, and purchases weapons and items.

Stickleback Bar

A place where adventurers can take on requests, like defeating certain monsters or gathering specific materials. These quests will offer rewards upon completing them, such as money or valuable items.

Explorers Guild

You can register adventurers, form a party, and reorganize your party members at the guild. The Guildmaster will also give you adventuring tips if you speak to her.

Duke’s Palace

After arriving in town and being granted permission to explore the Labyrinth, you will occasionally receive missions from the palace during important points in the story.

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