I am not exactly a fan of browser game / browser strategy games – a lot of times I find myself bored to death, razed instantly, and/or not knowing what to do in the game. Which drives me nuts and out of the game. I think the last one that I played was Ikariam, and I lost my kingdom after weeks of hard work.

Well maybe I wasn’t just a premium user?

Ultimate Rage Quit

No, not this kind of ragequit

Yep, blame game design (for all I know this was essentially the hard part), but sometimes I find myself thinking that this wasn’t my type of game.

lord of ultima logo

Good Lawd!

Lord of Ultima was one of the games that I’ve seen recently that is of this genre. Created by Electronic Arts (yes, that EA), this game boasts graphics that would make you feel as if you’re actually playing an RTS.

Lord of Ultima Map

town hall

Well maybe this is what kept me in the game.


Build commands


So anyway, I found myself coming back to this game despite my issues with the genre’s standard UI and gameplay.

You could go and try it to see for yourself.

So, what types of browser games do you play?



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Ohooo, what do you think?

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