REV Major 2023 Day 1 kick-started one exciting weekend for the Fighting Game Community in the Philippines and across the world. From the start it had a different feel compared to REV Major 2022 in a good way. Here’s our brief run down on the notable things we saw from REV Major 2023…day one!




The Pool is Cool






The FGC community was at full force from day one. The pools area of the event was stacked with a lot of players playing their game of choice. It was a sea of humanity in that pool area and had an aura of fun and excitement the whole day through. I caught myself staying a good few minutes at some of the pools at today’s REV Major 2023 Day 1 event. You may have caught me sticking around the MK 1 pool where I am starting to be a believer of the Kenshi-Sub Zero meta.





I’m pretty sure Day 2 will be as packed and eventful here at the pools of  REV Major 2023.


Rae Is Here!



Photo by: The Slickmaster’s File



Fighting Game fan and notable Adult Video Actress Rae Lil Black finally made her way to the Philippines. “Ate Rae” has been looking forward to visiting REV Major for a couple of years.Her Philippine fans were delighted when she finally arrived at REV Major Day 1. She held a meet and greet with her fans at the VIP area and they had a blast. Rae Lil Black will be there on day 2 for those who still want to meet her.



The TWT 2023 continues!




Brownman and Poch are focused on the match



REV Major 2023 day 1 was the host of the Top 32 brackets in the Tekken World Tour 2023 (TWT 2023). We had Kidd, Markman, Poch, and Brownman to call the action on the TWT 2023 REV Major Day 1 and once the smoke was cleared, only eight competitors remained.






For the Winners Bracket it was all Korean Flags with Lowhigh vs Yonarang and Ulsan vs. CBM. On the losers round one were Wecka vs Kkokkoma and Infested vs. the sole Japanese representative, AO.





Melty Blood? Melty Blood!





The madlads from Rumble Royale were at it again for REV Major 2023! The Rumble Royale’s toilet-designed booth hosted the Melty Blood Boss Rush on Day 1.






Their booth was such a fun design and a homage to the Melty Blood online lore. It had two areas, the “Restroom Play Area” for Melty Blood and the “Toilet Photobooth”. If you want me to vote for the most eye-catching booth for REV Major, it’s this one. No contest.




REV Major goes to the (Viva)Max!





REV Major 2023 held a special segment called the G Fighter Zone Tag Team Match featuring two starlets from VivaMax. One team consisted of Azi Acosta and Lance and the other with Yen Durano and Benedict. It pitted the two VivaMax stars and two professional players against each other in a game of Dead or Alive. Both Team Yen and Team Azi got their first score after defeating their counterparts 3-0. It was in the final round that saw Team Azi win the tag team match by going 2-1 against Team Yen.



We are gonna #DoItAgain for Day 2 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.



Special thanks to REV Major and Gariath Concepts for inviting our site to cover this event.



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